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Sherpa Merino Balaclava

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Made from 100% Australian merino this open face balaclava offers superior insulation and moisture wicking properties to keep you warm in extreme conditions. This lightweight material packs down to nothing and has excellent quick dry qualities making it the perfect travel companion for alpine hikes and ski trips. Without compensating its warmth the balaclava remains very thin, allowing for use under a bike, ski or snowboard helmet on early morning rides or fast downhill runs. While protecting your head from harsh wind and icy cold air this head sock will never restrict your natural movement. Made from the finest of fibres at just 18.5 microns, our superfine merino is non itch, odour free and has excellent moisture management.

Balaclava Features

    • 100% Australian merino
    • Odour free
    • Thermoregulation
    • Open face
    • Quick dry & extremely lightweight

The Merino Advantage

The benefits for buying natural merino wool are endless and beyond worth it in the long run. Having much finer fibres (18.5 micron) than those of other breeds, Merino provides a soft, non-itch finish impossible to beat and packed with technical advantages. As a tight fitting garment, moisture management and breathability is paramount and that’s why merino is the best. When it is cold merino fibres keep you warm thanks to their finely crimped structure which retains insulating air. When it is warm, the wool has a cooling effect due to its high breathability. The surface of the fibre is dirt and water repellent protecting your skin from moisture and debris in the outdoors and keeping you odour free! The inside of the fibre can absorb water without feeling wet, providing excellent moisture control and quick dry properties. The wool will retain its thermo-regulating properties even if it is wet. Furthermore, merino wool is extremely easy care and naturally provides great UV protection under the Australian sun.

How To Care For Your Balaclava

Warm machine wash. Do not bleach, tumble dry, iron or dry clean.