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The Hiking Gear Essentials Checklist Every Adventurer Should Know

Hiking boasts of a wide array of health benefits. From lowering the risk of heart disease to boosting bone density, improving your balance, and combating stress, hiking can do it all.

Australia has some of the most gorgeous hiking trails in the world. But to get the best experience out of your hiking trip, you need to plan for your hike in advance, prepare your hiking boots and clothes, and get your hiking essentials in order.

Here are some things that you should have in your hiking gear checklist.

Hiking Backpack

One of the most important things you will purchase as a hiker is your backpack. The ideal backpack can carry all your supplies without tearing, snapping, or making you feel uncomfortable.

There are a lot of considerations when you buy a backpack. You have to consider the size, capacity, features, and cost.

While features and costs are dependent on your preference and budget, the size and capacity of the pack depend on your physiology and your hike trip’s duration. As a rule of thumb, a 20 to 25-litre-capacity pack is great for a day hike, while a 70 to 90-litre-capacity pack is ideal for a three to five-day hike.

Navigation Equipment

The wilderness is beautiful, but navigating it without assistance is a herculean task. Even if the trail you choose is well-known and has a predetermined path, bring your navigation tools with you. It’s always good to prepare for any situation.

Place your compass and map in one of your backpack pockets and your GPS device and phone in another. Having multiple tools at your disposal during the hike allows you to move forward even though one of your navigation devices proves to be problematic.

However, ensure that you have a topographic map, carry a power bank, and know how to properly use your navigation tools before the hike. There is no use bringing your devices if they are outdated, out-of-power, or you don’t know how to use them.

First Aid Kit

Hiking is a nice way to commune with nature, but sometimes accidents can happen. This is why a first aid kit is always a must-have for any trip, not only for hiking trips.

The contents of a first aid kit are dependent on the length of your trip and your specific medical needs. Make sure that you pack all the first aid basics and any particular medications you may need.

Some common items in kits include antiseptics, bandages, adhesive plasters, cotton pads, latex gloves, a small pair of scissors, and disinfectants. Most kits would have burn salves, cut ointments, pain relief medication, antihistamine, and any medication for a person’s specific medical condition when it comes to medicine.

Food and Drinks

It’s a lot of fun to hike up a mountain, but it’s a very exhausting task. You must to have enough energy and hydration to get to the summit. Otherwise, you may fall behind or even lose consciousness on the trail.

Bringing food and drinks during a hiking trip ensures you have the energy you require to conquer the summit. Plus, it makes for a wonderful reward when you finally get to your destination.

Bring at least a litre of water and food that does not need refrigeration. You can bring cooking tools and food you can cook during a multi-day hike, but sometimes, ready-to-eat meals or dehydrated snacks are the best options.


Hiking can be an amazing and memorable experience if you plan for it well in advance, wear the right clothes and boots, and have all your hiking gear with you. But the activity is like visiting a friend’s home. You must be respectful of the environment and pick up after yourself. Remember to leave nothing but your footprints and take nothing but pictures and incredible memories.

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