Winter Hiking

Just like other months winter also has its uniqueness that makes hikers and campers captivated to get outdoors. It is very appealing and enchanting to visit snow filled land, full of serenity, peace and quiet. There is nothing like this kind of experience and every one must do it once in their lifetime.

But the excitement and adventure go down the drain if you are not prepared enough to face ice, snow, cold wind, etc. For new, unexperienced campers and hikers it can be actually very dangerous to go out. Whether you are an expert of just a beginner, don’t fret and keep reading to know the best tips to enjoy hiking adventure in winters.


In cold weather you must wear various insulating clothes to keep yourself warm. All the layers would help you conserve your body heat. They would also aid in regulating the temperature of your body and keep the blood flowing. But keep in mind don’t wear too many heavy clothes. As you would get tired easily. Choosing the right type of baselayer enures you will keep your core warm.  Generally merino wool can be one of the warmer materials that helps regulate your temperature, but also breathes well.  Act smartly and choose the stuff that is highly insulating but is very light as well. Pack an extra pair of gloves and socks.

Check the weather

You would definitely not want to get your trip ruined because of bad weather. It is a very important to check weather and be on the safe side. If you think there is a slightest possibility of rain or snow or very bad weather don’t go at the first place.

Plan your trip

This the most important thing you have to do. You must plan your trip. You should know when and where you would start your hiking. You should know the path or trail. You should also have an information about stops, restrooms etc. Don’t forget headlamp, first aid box, warming pads etc.

Hiking partner

The most important thing about planning is choose a good experienced hiking partner. You can rely on him and it is better to hike with someone who knows the trail and also you.

Get up early and get going

Since winter days are very short you should head out early in the morning. If you would do that you can peacefully hike with plenty of sunlight. You would not be worried about getting late or getting cold in the dark.

Choose the trail wisely

If you are beginner it is very important for you to choose a trail that is not far away and not very difficult to hike. Select a path that is according to your strength and stamina. It’s okay to start the hiking adventure with short paths since it’s all about enjoyment. If you choose a long path and get tired in the middle of the hike, your trip is ruined.


Stay Hydrated and fed

In cold weather naturally the urge to drink water is very low, but you must keep your water levels up during the hike to keep yourself energised. You should also take with you snacks that can be eaten easily while you are hiking. The snacks should not be junk food. You can eat nuts that are warm and packed with energy rich nutrients.

Keep in mind these tips and experience a memorable winter hiking trip.

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