What kind of trekker are you?

What kind of trekker are you?

Are you seeking solitude or do you want to push the limits? Do you want to capture perfect moments on your camera, or do you want to enjoy the scenery and stay “in the moment”? Are you excited by a rough and rugged adventure or do you want to enjoy the scenery with creature comforts at the end of the day?

Just as there are a number of ways to travel, there are also a number of ways to trek. Whether you want to cover the miles, take advantage of a long weekend, or prefer a gourmet experience in the wilderness, there are a number of experiences waiting for you.

So what kind of trekker are you? We’ve listed some of the most common trekker-profiles that people on the trail typically fit into. Which one are you?

Hikers and trekkers tend to have a fair few things in common; a love of the outdoors, an ease to survive with the bare minimum while out in it, and a healthy respect for nature. However, hardcore hikers have that an more; an unrelenting desire to conquer that trail, climb that mountain, and explore remote destinations far from human life. These trekkers have a serious commitment to the time and planning of their treks, often training for their multi-day treks months in advance.

Hardcore trekkers aren’t afraid of carrying a full pack- in fact, they welcome it. Traversing the landscape with all their gear on their back adds to the adventure, and the sense of achievement at the end of the trek is heightened by the fact that few people have – or will – experience what they have encountered.

Best Treks for Hardcore Trekkers:

South Coast Track – Trek the untouched beaches, mountains ranges, pristine rivers and towering rainforests of the remote South Coast Track wilderness. This nine day trek involves tackling the muddy terrain, sometimes difficult weather and the truly wild landscape  – but the rewards of complete and utter remote, pristine wilderness makes it all worthwhile!

Port Davey Track – This seven day, full pack adventure is tough enough to challenge even the most seasoned of trekkers. Skirting the Western Arthurs, it’s ideal for hardcore trekkers who want the beauty and isolation of the south west without the foot traffic, manicured camp sites, and dry creek crossings of alternative walks.

Port Davey and the South Coast Track – What’s tougher than the South Coast Track or Port Davey? Doing them together. This 16 day trek is one of the most epic and challenging trips in Tasmania, but also one of the greatest wilderness experiences in Australia. You need to be in peak physical and mental condition for this traverse of the entire southwest region of Tasmania – but you’ll have lifelong bragging rights. Worth it? We think so!

Mount Anne – Are you short on time but want to embark on one of the world’s great bushwalking challenges? The Mount Anne Circuit is a five day, intense and challenging trek that summits the spectacular Mount Anne. Passing by sub-alpine lakes, exposed scrambles and deep forests, there’s no shortage of beautiful sights to see while you complete this demanding trek.

Do you long for the freedom and open air? Or dream about spending multiple days in the wilderness, away from the crowds and basking in the pristine wilderness? Not afraid to carry a full pack with your camping gear, food and clothes? Sounds like you’re an avid hiker! They love to get out amongst nature and experience the beautiful places that few ever see. Keen to tick off some iconic treks as well as some of the lesser-known trekking destinations, they find true peace being out in nature, enjoying the physical challenges, comradery and peace of mind that comes with trekking.

Best treks for avid trekkers

Overland Track – The Overland Track holds a legendary status as one of the finest walks in Australia. Over six days, experience the breathtaking views, from the stunning crags of Cradle Mountain to the rainforest-clad shores of Lake St. Claire, with many exciting side trips along the way. This full pack adventure is on the bucket list of many seasoned trekkers.

Flinders Island Walking Adventure – Enjoy six days exploring the breathtaking rugged beauty off the coast of Tasmania on Flinders Island. This spectacular trek combines coastal beauty with unique flora and fauna, carrying only a daypack.

Frenchman’s cap trek – Trek 46kms over six days to Frenchman’s Cap with a full pack and summit this magnificent peak situated in Gordon-Franklin Wild Rivers National Park. This 1443m peak involves trekking over varied terrain, camping under the summit and enjoying the spectacular scenery and views in the Tasmanian wilderness.

Not all of us have the time, energy or luxury of embarking on a week-long trekking adventure into remote wilderness. But, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have the passion for the outdoors!  Weekender trekkers love getting out and about into nature every spare weekend they have, which means that they often visit some of the more accessible locations closer to home. While they may not get completely “lost” in the wilderness, the weekend trekking escapes are often the stepping stone to some of the longer, more challenging treks.

Best trek for weekenders

Cradle Mountain Short Escape – Discover Cradle Mountain National Park on a series of stunning walks designed with the family in mind including an optional ascent of Cradle Mountain. This three day, two night trek gives you a chance to escape into the stunning wilderness, with the convenience of a short getaway.

Three Capes Walk and Tasman Peninsula – Discover Tasmania’s premier coastal walk along the stunning cliffs of the Tasman Peninsula. This three day trek is a “must do” for anyone looking to experience the highlights of Tasmania’s invigorating coastal air, combining fantastic day walks with a Tasman Island Cruise to view the wildlife and coast from a different perspective.

The soft explorer is the type of person who combines the best of both worlds – exploring pristine wilderness by day, and relaxing in comfort by night. Soft explorers are looking for the chance to escape the city life by immersing themselves in nature, with gourmet highlights that make the trip more comfortable. They prefer not to carry heavy packs and often opt for light daypacks that include their water and some snacks, taking their time to absorb the view and stunning wilderness around.

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