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5 Smart Ways on How Kids Can Be More Environment-Friendly

Children are like living sponges—they absorb all the knowledge and information they encounter at every stage of their young lives. They are perceptive and impressionable about the things around them. And because kids are naturally curious about new experiences and ideas, they tend to explore and go on little adventures of their own.

And as adults and parents, your main goal is to raise your kids with important life lessons that encompass compassion, morals and core values, including how to take care of and love the environment. With this in mind, here are some of the smart yet effective ways how they can be more environmentally sensitive and friendly. Let’s get started!

Teach Them Gardening Skills

Teaching your kids to garden is a fun and excellent way to help your kids to appreciate the environment and to spend more time outside. Gardening also teaches them hard work, patience and appreciation for the living. 

Aside from being in the outdoors, basking in the sunshine while feeling the earth with their hands, they also get to plant seeds and take care of their garden, knowing that what they plant would grow into the food they can harvest. And it can be a rewarding experience for kids to see their plants grow from planting to harvesting until they can finally pluck vegetables and eat them later on.

Teach Them to Recycle

One important thing that your kids should learn is to conserve and protect the environment through the process of recycling. 

You can teach them to take care of the bins, label them and organise them, making sure that each label is something that they understand. To do this, you need to teach them the things that can be recycled. You can demonstrate how you separate the cans from bottles, papers, plastics and metals. Through this, you also teach them to segregate wastes and to avoid using materials such as disposable plastic containers that can have the potential to harm the environment.

Help Them Save and Conserve

The concept of saving and conserving energy, food and water should be instilled in the minds of your children. You can do this by helping them understand that you can conserve energy when turning off the lights when not in use. You can also show them by closing doors to preserve heat or cold or turning off the appliances to efficiently use energy. Or you can teach them to conserve water by using showers rather than doing baths.

Food is something that shouldn’t be wasted. So, teach your children the concept of how long the process of growing food is on the table. This concept includes how they consume their drinks, like water or milk. 

Allow Them to Spend More Time Outdoors

Spending time outdoors is a great way to fully immerse your kids into the environment. You can go outside your yard for gardening or in the evening for stargazing. You can also go around the block or to your neighbourhood. Another idea is to go on a nature trip and outdoor camping as a family. You can teach them different plants and trees that you will see around. Help your kids to also appreciate the fresh air that they breathe in.

Get Them Involved in Your Local Community

Allowing your kids to be with other kids and a local community that supports projects about the environment can help open their eyes to how they can do their part in the community to take care of their surroundings. They can join the Scouts or other community events that aim to teach kids valuable lessons that will help them truly understand their role in the community and in the environment.


Instilling the importance of the environment in children should be an essential part of who they are. In that way, they are able to become environmentally friendly and ready to take a viable and greener future ahead of them.

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