5 Types of Hiking Pants That Would Best Fit Your Preference

5 Types of Hiking Pants That Would Best Fit Your Preference

Blue jeans are fantastic, aren't they? Well-made jeans are both attractive and long-lasting. However, wearing blue jeans outside has a negative connotation. They're bulky and scorching. When they get wet, they become useless and even the wetness itself can be a form of misery.

Thankfully, blue jeans are now best left at home or camp. Hikers now have access to hiking pants that are versatile, comfortable, and functional for hiking and backpacking. 

For mobility and protection against wet and windy weather, many of today's most popular paints are stretchy nylon, and they increasingly feature zip-off legs and articulated knees. Also, thickness and breathability are essential factors to consider depending on the season you will be hiking.

Here are five different types of hiking pants that would best fit your preference:

1.  Softshell Hiking Pants

Softshell pants are a jogger's favourite because they are lightweight and comfortable. They are also amazingly versatile, ideal for spring and summer weather.

This type of pants is made of a tightly woven fabric that's wind and water-resistant but not completely waterproof. They're lightweight and moisture-wicking, ideal for hiking and backpacking. On calm days, you'll want to choose a softshell with a DWR (durable water repellant) treatment to repel moisture from your body and the outside weather.

2. Tight Hiking Pants

These are the closest things to jeans you'll find in the hiking world. They're very tight and look like you're ready to hit the ski slopes. But, if you're in the right location, you might be surprised how comfortable they are. Tight hiking pants are made using quick-drying nylon, which is excellent for summer hiking.

3. Convertible Hiking Pants

Convertible hiking pants are very popular among avid hikers because they're made to offer versatility, shade, and coverage. You can wear them long or short, rolled in or out, allowing you to convert your hiking pants easily while in the field to match the changing weather conditions.

4. Roll-Up Hiking Pants

Roll-up hiking pants are great for people who are climbing hills, bouldering, and backpacking. They have a tapered cut that's not too loose or tight, making them great for outdoor use. They are also made of a light but durable material.

5. Cargo Pants

These are made from 100% cotton canvas and are designed with lots of pockets to keep you organised. They are available in various colours and patterns, but you'll want to check how well they hold colour.

Cargo pants are ideal for multi-day hikes, especially if carrying an extra load. They are very durable and resistant to water, making them excellent for wet weather conditions.


Hiking pants are designed to give you the ventilation and comfort you need while hiking and backpacking, However, they don't have to look like your average lounge pants. They can be fashionable and still offer a high level of protection and performance.

Whether you're looking for a softshell, tight, convertible, roll-up, zip-off, or legging-style shoe, you can be sure that these pants won't let you down.

Depending on your preference, hiking pants can be worn anywhere from the woods to the streets. The key, of course, is to choose pants that will make you look good and fit well. Trust your gut, superior comfort, and fit before fashion when you're in a tight spot.

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