8 Tips for When You're Camping in a Storm in Queensland

8 Tips for When You're Camping in a Storm in Queensland

Although Queensland is often considered sunny, we get some cloudy days and the occasional summer storm. So it's a good idea to be prepared for bad weather while camping in Australia. But don't worry—a little water never hurt anyone! With some careful planning, you can not only survive the wet weather but enjoy it!

We've compiled our top eight tips to help you plan and survive camping in a storm.

1. Pick a Good Location

The most important thing to do when camping in a storm is picking a good location. Ideally, you'll want to camp in a clearing free from trees and overhanging brush. If it's still a little breezy, you can cover up your tarp with a tarp of your own or a wall of brush.

2. Bring Wet Weather Camping Gear

The right camping gear can make all the difference when the rain hits. Make sure you have an all-weather tent with a fly that you can use during storms. It's also a good idea to bring a few extra things to help get you through any inclement weather. These include a rain cover for your tent, a lantern, and a portable gas stove and fuel.

3. Use Waterproof Bags

Don't make the mistake of thinking that waterproof bags are only for camping in the rain. If you're camping in a prone to flooding, it's a good idea to put all your gear in them. This will protect your tent, clothing, and other important camping equipment from the rain and save you from unnecessary stress.

4. Use a Tarp

While it might not look very aesthetically pleasing, a tarp can do wonders in the rain. A tarp can shield a tent or even your entire campsite. You can also use it to cover your luggage or any other gear that you want to keep dry.

5. Tie Everything Down

When camping in a storm, it's important to tie everything down. The last thing you want is to have your tent blown away with everything you own! To prevent this, make sure you have some guy ropes attached to your tent and secure your tarp with rocks.

6. Make a Wind Breaker

If you're camping in a place with many trees, you'll want to make a wind breaker. This will prevent the branches from hitting your tent and help keep the wind from getting inside your tent.

7. Create a Wet/Dry Zone

When camping in a storm, it's a good idea to create a wet/dry zone. This will help keep your tent dry since it's located on a higher spot. Also, put your wet gear such as your boots and clothes in this area—it will help keep your tent dry.

8. Unpack Your Things ASAP

It can be very hard to keep your things dry when it rains. To keep your items dry, unpack your things as soon as you arrive at the campsite. This will prevent a lot of unnecessary stress, and you'll be able to enjoy your trip.


One of the best things about camping in Australia is its warm and sunny nature. But despite this, it's still important to prepare for the wet weather. Following the tips mentioned above will help make sure you're safe and sound during your camping trip.

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