Effective Tips for Avoiding Mosquitos When You Are Camping

Effective Tips for Avoiding Mosquitos When You Are Camping

Mosquitoes bite humans and animals to get the blood they need to sustain their lives. The adults bite in the late afternoon till early evening, mate, eat and lay eggs at night. Mosquitoes prefer to feed on human blood. They are attracted to human carbon dioxide and body heat.

Moreover, mosquitoes, particularly in the summer, can add to the difficulty and unpleasantness of camping. Outdoors, mosquitoes come from a variety of sources, including the water environment, the soil, and the air. Once you've tented in a mosquito-infested location, it's difficult to get the insects off your body.

Here are effective tips to avoid mosquitos while camping:

1. Choose Your Camping Spot Wisely

Before you set up, consider what could be attracting mosquitoes and try to eliminate or minimise the risk of them flying off with you. Stay away from stagnant water sources as you'll attract mosquitoes.

If you have a waterhole at your campsite, avoid it in the hottest part of the day, cover it with a mesh, or drape a mosquito net. Don't pitch your tent near trees and bushes or a marshland area.

2. Put On Insect Repellent

After you've pitched your tent, the first thing to do is to treat yourself and your kids with insect repellent. The mosquitoes will be attracted to the carbon dioxide you are exhaling, and they will find it easier to bite. Put on insect repellent every couple of hours but be careful not to use too much as it can be harmful.

3. Keep Your Tent Sealed

Insects like mosquitoes need to breathe, so they will try to get into your tent through the opening in the top. If you have a double-strength tent, put up a tarp or a mosquito net to keep them out. They've been known to enter through the bottom of the tent, so check it before you go to sleep.

4. Put On Appropriate Clothing

Wear light coloured clothing as the mosquitoes will see you better against the dark fabric. Again, you want to keep your body odour down, so make sure you wear clean, breathable clothing. If you are wearing a skirt or dress, put on some leggings or tights underneath. Wear pants instead of shorts when you are walking around.

5. Use a Mosquito Net

If you are going to be camping in an area with many mosquitoes, you should use a mosquito net. They are available in various styles for every type of tent, including double-strength and ones that roll up and fit in a carry bag. But they are not all created equal. Get a high-quality mosquito net with a fine mesh, and check the seams before you use it.

6. Use a Mosquito Coil or Lantern

These are the best mosquito repellents. They do not irritate your skin, and they are mostly odourless. If you will be camping for more than a night and have a large area to cover, consider using a mosquito coil or lantern.


There's no doubt camping can be fun, and with a bit of friendliness to the mosquitoes, it can also be comfortable. As long as you are careful and vigilant, you should be able to enjoy your camping experience without being bothered by any pesky mosquitos.

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