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6 Important Things to Remember While Out on the Trail

Hiking in a group is an experience you can share with your loved ones and close friends. The group setting also provides a level of safety in numbers. Nevertheless, a group is not without its own set of challenges. Sometimes, the group dynamic can overshadow the individual, causing rifts between members and even to their surroundings.

Many hikers have a love-hate relationship with the trail. It's comforting to know that, despite our differences, we're all on the same path. We just want our experience to be as pleasurable, safe, and memorable as possible. However, if we don't respect the trail, the wilderness, and each other, our trip may quickly become a nightmare.

Here are the six most important things to remember while hiking:

1. Leave No Trace

Just as with outdoor camping, leaving no trace on the trail can be difficult. The same principles apply, though. If you pack it in, you need to pack it out. If it can bio-degrade, then leave it.

If it doesn't belong there, don't throw it. If you have to bury it, make sure that the hole is smaller than the object, and then fill in the hole. The same goes for human waste. Use the toilette, even in the middle of the woods.

2. Make Appropriate Choices

Whether you're at a campground or out in the wilderness, make sure you make appropriate choices. Don't start a campfire in the middle of the woods. If you don't have the right gear and training, don't go into technical terrain.

3. Keep Your Noise Levels Down: 

You must let nature dictate your noise level. If your noise level is too loud, you risk disturbing wildlife. You must let nature dictate your noise level. If your noise level is too loud, you risk disturbing wildlife. It won't take long before they disappear. If you're hiking in a group, be sure that your group noise level doesn't overshadow the sounds of nature.

4. Stay on the Trail

It's essential to stay on the trail to avoid injury. Not only that, but it's also crucial to avoid harming flora and fauna. For example, if you wander off the trail, you may step on a wildflower or scare off harmless critters. If your route doesn’t have any definite markers, always confirm with your tour guide or GPS so you stay safe and sound.

5. Plan Ahead

Always plan ahead so you can gear up and be prepared for any weather. It is crucial to ensure that you take adequate safety measures, especially when packing your clothing and what you’ll bring.

Moreover, if you don't know how to use your gear for a specific situation, don't use it. For example, if you don't know how to use a particular tool, don't bring it.

Since you’re out in the wild, you should watch your energy levels. Always pack extra food and water. Even if you don’t need them yourself, you can always share them with your group.

6. Share the Trail

Be mindful of others. This includes other hikers, mountain bikers, horseback riders, and dogs. With all these groups out on the trails these days, we all must be respectful of one another. This can mean doing unexpected things on your hike, for example:

If you see a horseback rider coming toward you, it can be difficult to pass them in a narrow trail. Instead of trying to cross simultaneously, wait for them to pass.

If you encounter a rider and dog, respect the dog's space. If you're walking on the path and have a dog, have the dog on a leash. Let the dog smell you first so the dog can have a visual and auditory cue of your presence.


Hiking is an excellent activity for anyone, young and old alike. As a person becomes more experienced with hiking, they can enjoy it even more. There are many things to remember for a successful and safe hike.

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