The Best Hiking Outfits to Wear for Every Season

The Best Hiking Outfits to Wear for Every Season

Selecting hiking outfit ideas for every season is not easy. The variations in weather from season to season make it tricky to find the perfect set of clothes that can easily work all year around. While there are some universal guidelines, it is best to select hiking clothes that are suitable for the weather for that particular season. Check out some of our ideas below:

Summer Hikes

Put together an ideal summer hiking outfit with the following:

  • Sports Bra: While sports bras are usually worn during workouts, they are great to wear during summer hikes. They will keep the skin dry and comfortable.
  • Pair of Shorts: This can be the classic pair of hiking shorts, or you can replace them with a couple of lightweight leggings from your regular workout kit.
  • Lightweight Tank Top: Say hello to the all-season tank top that can be layered or worn on its own. Wear it with a sports bra on a hot summer hike, and you won't have to worry about sweat rash or chafing.

Spring Hikes

Your spring hiking outfit should contain the following:

  • Base Layer: To keep the cold out and your body heat in, you can layer a base layer with a lightweight, long sleeve top or a tank top.
  • Lightweight Long Sleeve Shirt: A long-sleeved shirt is a great way to top off your look. With this particular outfit, you can easily wear a short sleeve, tank top or even a T-shirt with it.
  • Lightweight Long Leggings or Pants: You can choose from various legging options like printed, striped and even solid colours.

Winter Hikes

When selecting your winter hiking outfit, focus on keeping warm and comfortable. The following are helpful:

  • Thermal Base Layer: A thermal base layer will keep the cold out and keep you warmer longer on the trail.
  • Thermal Layer: A lightweight coat or a lightweight down sweater is great to have along on a winter hike.

Autumn Hikes

While autumn hiking tends to be warm, it is not uncommon to get a chill in the air when it's windy.

  • Lightweight Jacket: If you're uncertain about the weather, opt for a lightweight jacket. Sporting one that is wind and water-resistant will ensure that you're always comfortable regardless of the weather.
  • Light Gloves: Fingers can get cold in autumn, even though it's warm outside. A pair of lightweight gloves can keep your fingers warm without weighing you down.

This is just a guide to what you should be wearing on your next hiking trail, but you should always consider your own needs and preferences when choosing hiking clothes. Use these suggestions as a base and make adjustments to fit what you need. Also, keep an eye out for new styles coming out and try them out as you might find the perfect outfit.

Safe Trails Ahead!

Regardless of the season, you need an outfit that will keep you comfortable on the trail. The best hiking outfit ideas will fit your needs and preferences while also providing a level of comfort that is suitable for you. Hopefully, the ideas we've shared will help get you started on your next hiking trail. Hiking can be fun and stimulating, but it's also going to require you to wear a particular outfit. Make sure you find what works for you, and you can truly enjoy yourself on the trails.

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