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The Barefoot Dutchman World Record Attempt


Anton is a 34 year old Dutchman, born and raised in a small town called Goes in the Netherlands. He now lives on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Anton walks barefoot with a purpose.

After serving in the Dutch army for ten years, including three missions to Afghanistan and have spent the last five years working in construction, both of which are seen as very 'masculine' environments. Throughout Anton's time in these industries, he has seen and experienced men's mental health issues first hand.

Anton felt the driving urge to make a change, which led to starting his own mission in 2019, going on extreme barefoot walks to make a difference & help create the world he wants us all to live in. His missions push boundaries to the limit and force him to step outside of my comfort zone whilst using the momentum created by the walks to raise awareness and funds for causes he believes in.



"I want to be the change that I want to see in this world, and show it only takes determination and two bare feet to make a difference"

In 2021, Anton will set a Guinness world record. Starting in April, he will walk from Cairns to Sydney barefoot. 2600km along the coast to raise funds and awareness for men's mental health.


On average 7 out of 9 suicides that happen each day here in Australia, are men. Last year 3,328 people died by suicide, of which 75% were men. I want to help prevent this from happening. There is a dangerously wrong perception of what ‘masculinity’ means, which causes men to struggle to be openly vulnerable. I want to help by showing it's okay to talk about these issues and to be vulnerable when you are feeling like you need support.


Come walk and talk with Anton.

Follow his barefoot journey on Instagram @thebarefoot_dutchman


Let's make a change together!

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