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Happier Feet: The Science behind Vivobarefoot Footwear

Founded in 2012, Vivobarefoot is based on a straightforward insight—barefoot footwear is sustainable footwear. Less than ten years later, the company has provided its customers with a product and experience that allows them to be closer to nature, regenerating the physical, social, and spiritual health and the natural world. 

But how does Vivobarefoot, a brand from the UK, extends its vision and mission across the globe? Through sustainability, comfort, and a genuine concern for the environment.

Better Feet Condition

Vivobarefoot created footwear aimed to resolve what most people hate from wearing shoes—pain. By replicating how bare feet are shaped, their products allow feet and toes to move within the space freely. Because of how their shoes are shaped, adult feet may grow over months and years as feet and toes splay to a more natural shape. 

People may even need to get shoes a half-inch bigger than their size to accommodate the possibility of growing bigger feet after a few months.

Customized Fit

Unlike other established shoe brands, Vivobarefoot is also concerned about how its shoes fit every person’s feet. The company recommends 6 to 14 millimetres of space, depending on the length of a person’s feet compared to the sizing. For them, it’s essential that the shoe’s fit corresponds to the wearer’s preference, be it fit snug or spacious.

For people with narrow feet, you might prefer a snug fit for your shoes. Get at least a size down if your feet are slim in size for a more snug fit. They suggest at least a four-millimetre toe allowance, even for the narrowest fit. 

Meanwhile, it’s beneficial for people with broader feet to choose a more loose fit for comfort. However, keep in mind that the risk of trips and falls increase with the shoe’s additional length. Added safety should be added while transitioning from your preferred size if it’s larger and longer than you’re used to.

Foot-Shaped Footwear

Since Vivobarefoot is a company that produces outdoor shoes, they’ve thought of changing standard shoe shapes into something closer than our feet’s shape. Walking or running outdoors is different from being indoors. Therefore, it’s essential to adjust the shoes we take for exercises and hikes.

Vivobarefoot shoes are wide and thin—balance and physical function improve as feet splay and feel. They are also flexible, allowing feet to get stronger and faster, toes and arches included. Providing wide, thin, and flexible shoes leads to all the benefits of owning a Vivobarefoot shoe.

In effect, foot strength reduces the risks of foot deformities and injury. It’s also connected to improvements in balance and stability, especially for the elderly. Also, children who run barefoot jump higher with shorter contact times. Overall, Vivobarefoot shoes are not only great for the outdoors but the wearer’s physical health as well. 


For Vivobarefoot, we “think feet first.” Although we usually think of how a shoe looks on our feet first, we should consider how it feels while wearing it. According to Vivobarfoot, our feet can do anything. However, if we cram them into modern shoes—cushioned, narrow, and rigid—they can lose their natural strength and function. 

By designing footwear as close to barefoot as possible, the foot’s natural strength and movement can be improved, allowing more people to feel the ground beneath them better.

Adventureco, being an advocate for sustainable living, believes in Vivobarefoot’s purpose to inspire a world with “less padding and more feeling.” Switch out your shoes for a pair of Vivobarefoot shoes for a happier set of feet. Order online through our website and get free shipping for orders worth $99 and above. 

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