How to Protect Yourself from Bugs and Ticks While Hiking

How to Protect Yourself from Bugs and Ticks While Hiking

No other form of exercise will enable you to be one with nature other than hiking. Aside from being fun and challenging, it also allows you to have quality time with your family,  friends, and colleagues. 

The best thing about hiking is that you can plan it out, spend the whole day following a nature trail, and end up near the edge of a cliff, taking in all the magnificent sights that our world has to offer. However, there may be external factors that may ruin your overall experience if you’re not careful. 

Aside from the usual presence of wild animals and poisonous shrubs, you may also encounter some bugs and ticks along the way. As small as they are, they cause a fair amount of itch and pain that may cause skin conditions and rashes if not tended to immediately.

With that said, you must do all the necessary checks and preparations to protect yourself and your fellow hikers from any encounters with these pesky creatures. If you would like to know about the different methods, look no further than the tips that we have listed below:

1) Bring a Bug Repellant with You

No trip in the wilderness will ever be complete without arming yourself with the necessary repellants. The usual ones come in ointments, but if you want to be sure, you may bring a bottle of spray as well. 

Of course, you will be wearing the correct type of clothes for your hike, but be sure to spray on your exposed skin before heading out so that the bugs wouldn’t have the appetite to even take a bite out of them.

2) Bring a Fair Amount of Permethrin on Your Hike

This particular chemical is a form of insecticide that will keep bugs and ticks away from you and your equipment. Now, just because they are insecticides doesn’t mean that they are harmful. 

They are made up of different components that make them safe to be sprayed near humans. You may want to spray them before or after reaching your destination, just in case the ticks are lurking around the nearby bushes.

3) Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Do your research and indicate the possible spots where bugs and ticks may be lurking. Do not just step or walk into a random patch of grass or bush. They often wait for their prey in dark, secluded areas, and if you’re not careful, you may end up with nasty bites. 

Familiarise yourself with their known natural habitats and avoid going through them at all costs. If you have no choice but to go through infested areas, boost your protection with the sprays mentioned in the first two pointers.


Bugs and ticks are some of the most annoying creatures to encounter during your hikes. Aside from the fact that they deliver some nasty bites, they may also end up tagging along with you once you decide to get back home. 

Keep them off you by bringing your bug repellant. You may also go for human-safe insecticides and pre-emptive research and preparations before going through the bushes. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

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