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3 Helpful Tips on Preparing for Your Next Camping Trip

Being in isolation for some time has allowed many people to enjoy being outdoors. People who didn’t camp have found a new appreciation for camping and just being in the presence of nature. 

While the camping experience may be fun, it can often leave people feeling exhausted at the end of the trip. This can leave many haphazardly stowing away their camping supplies to be dealt with some other time. However, it never really gets organised until the next camping trip approaches. So, it’s essential to carefully prepare for your camping trip and make sure you have all the camping essentials you need. 

1. Assess the Condition of Your Current Camping Gear

When was the last time you really took a look at the condition of your camping gear? Camping doesn’t happen that often, so many are left to believe that their camping supplies are just fine since they only use them a few times. However, their quality can lessen over time. And this could prove to be a problem if the thing you need breaks while you’re already out camping. 

Let’s say you’ve had the same camping knife for years. You’re in the middle of a camping trip, splitting kindling, when all of a sudden, your knife breaks. You don’t have an extra, so now you have nothing to use to prepare your food. 

You definitely want to avoid this scenario. So, it’s best to take out all your camping gear and examine the condition of each one, especially those you’ve been using for years. Check for any damage, rips, tears or anything that can compromise their safety and use. 

Make piles for those that are good to use, need to be repaired and require replacements. For camping supplies you can still save, make sure you don’t forget to make the necessary repairs before your next camping trip. And for those that are already goners, it’s best to head out and find replacements.

2. Optimise Your Camping Kit

People tend to overpack when going on camping trips since they want to be certain they’ll have everything they need. The problem is that they don’t actually need a lot of the things they bring. So, it’s best to examine your current camping kit and optimise it to ensure you only bring your camping essentials.

Take a look at everything you have and ask yourself when the last time you used an item during a camping trip was. Also, see if you really need that much amount of a particular item. Perhaps you’re bringing too many pots and pans on your camping trips. Or maybe you keep bringing an extra cooler you don’t really use.

3. Experiment on Ways to Load the Car

Another area that may need optimisation is your car. Think carefully about how you’ve always loaded your car during a camping trip and see if you can improve. Perhaps you can lessen loading time for a quicker departure. Or maybe you can make more space by adjusting how you organise your camping essentials in your vehicle. 

Final Thoughts

The best way to be prepared for a camping trip is to start early. Make sure you’re only bringing camping essentials that are in good condition to use. Experiment with how you’re loading your car to optimise the space your camping gear takes up and the time it takes to load the car. And, of course, get quality camping gear you know will serve you for a long time without worry.

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