How Do You Prepare for a Camping Trip With Your Dogs

How Do You Prepare for a Camping Trip With Your Dogs

There is a vast world out there to explore, and who better to adventure with than your loyal furry friend? If you’re planning to bring your dog with you on a camping trip, there are things you can do to make sure they are safe, happy, and comfortable. 

Get the right camping gear and essential preparations done so you and your four-legged pal can explore the great outdoors with more ease.

Make Sure Your Dog is Healthy and Fully-Vaccinated

When you’re out and exposed to the elements, you need to make sure your dog is protected from health dangers. Get all the necessary shots and updated vaccinations to arm your pup against risks out there. You should also make sure they are not feeling any sickness so that you don’t expose them while they are in recovery.

If your dog is displaying symptoms of sickness, it’s best not to camp yet. It’s better to have easy access to veterinary help and medication.

Get Your Dog Used to the Outdoors

Sometimes, domesticated dogs get so used to their own space that they don’t really know how to navigate the outside world. This can be problematic as your dog can get easily spooked and injured if they don’t know what to expect. Start by bringing them out to the yard more often and taking them for walks in nature-filled areas to help them acclimatise.

Pack All the Dog Essentials

Aside from all the general camping equipment, you also need to bring the stuff your dog specifically needs. You’ll need a leash, portable dog bowls for food and drink, their actual food and water, a first aid kit, poop bags (or a shovel to bury poop properly), and a camping bed. 

They will need to have the same amenities that provide you comfort and safety during the trip. If you want to bring some treats, it may help your dog to stick close by and feel at ease.

Make a Set Plan for Your Trip

Since you have a dog tagging along, it can be a bit harder to just wing things. You don’t really want to find yourself meeting a dead end or an area that will be hard to traverse together.

A set plan should also help you figure out how much you need to bring and mark any emergency plans and routes you may need to take. It’ll make the trip safer and remove a lot of stress.

Do Some Camp Training With Your Dog

This is mostly important for trips where you will be going to campsites with other people. Though you may know the proper behaviour to display, your dog may be confused. Give them a little training to help them stay calm and obedient with others nearby.


With all of your necessary gear and planning sorted, you can finally embark on your outdoor adventure with man’s best friend. When you are prepared, there is a lower chance of any problems bogging down the trip. At the very least, you’ll have what you need to get through any hiccups and make the most out of a fun camping trip.

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