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Everything You Need to Know About Vivobarefoot Shoes

When frequent walking is normal to your everyday life, it's easy to understand how a pair of shoes can drastically change the experience. 

Most popular choices would have you walking on what feels like clouds. You may already have a favorite pair (themselves have a limited lifespan), one stuffed with soft foamy material. 

The Science Behind It

While this may certainly feel comfortable, it is not necessarily the best for the health of your feet. Vivobarefoot is a company that follows the design belief of minimalist shoes. 

These are shoes that are meant to simulate, as closely as possible, the biomechanics used when we run barefoot. This usually means less cushioning in the shoe, a wider toe-box, and thinner soles.

Why? Because it’s the healthiest way for our feet in the long-term. This is supported by research with cases showing improved foot strength and function. 

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise as our feet evolved to how it is today. This has been the biggest criticism with the modern shoe. With these shoes, our feet are allowed to function as they were meant to. 

One reason is the wider toe box. This wider toe box allows your large toes to spread more evenly out, helping you maintain better balance. 

The second reason is the feedback we get while walking. This allows our brains to make better adjustments therefore allowing natural movement. 

The best barefoot shoes are even able to make it so that you feel as if you aren’t wearing any shoes at all while still protecting you from rocks and such.

How it Feels

The pair I tried were Vivobarefoot’s Kanna. These are probably the most useful, multi-purpose shoes I have right now. They look like a leaner pair of sneakers but for the wider toe. 

They even have the breathable type of material, minimizing discomfort. Plus, they roll up tightly, as tight as a roll of socks, maybe. Definitely a trait for one of the best barefoot shoes around.

One concern I had was with how thin the soles are. Thankfully, the materials they use are puncture resistant, giving me a little peace-of-mind.

My previous attempts at making my daily walks easier ways to combat fatigue with fat, soft shoes. This worked well at the start, but eventually the feeling ended up causing a different kind of fatigue anyway. 

With these shoes, it feels as if my feet get a real workout without feeling like it. It takes longer for my feet to get tired because walking just puts less strain on my feet. Supposedly, this is because of the improved sensory feedback.


We hope this article has shed some light on why Vivobarefoot shoes are a more than viable option if you want to make the switch to barefoot shoes. As you can see there are a slew of different benefits that you’ll notice right off the bat even if you’re new to these types of shoes. However, you shouldn’t only take our word for it and should definitely try them out for yourself.

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