A Preparation Guide: Some Minimalist Tips for Camping

A Preparation Guide: Some Minimalist Tips for Camping

One of the most fun and relaxing activities that a person can participate in would have to be camping. Aside from the fact that it enables them to get in touch with nature, it also allows them to get the exercise that they need to loosen up after a whole week of stressful work and deadlines. While it may be exciting to strap on those hiking gear, boots, and other camping accessories, one of the things that you must first prioritise is the preparation. It may not seem significant at first, but properly preparing for the trip is going to do you wonders.

If you proceed to camp without considering the items to bring, you may have a bad time amongst the nature trail, let alone during your nap time within the tent. In such a case, you must follow a couple of minimalist tips to survive the hidden hassles of your camping trip. 

If you want to learn more about them, we have listed a couple of them below for your reference. Take note of them, and you may just have an unforgettable camping experience unlike ever before.

1. Bring Only the Essentials

Do not try to bring all the things in your wardrobe and in your garage; you won’t need all of them. You must only bring the essentials that will prove to be useful. You should have your first aid kit, hiking equipment, and camping devices such as your compass, basic hygiene kit, among other things. The downside of bringing any non-essential items is that they would add more weight to your baggage, and they would only slow you down during the hike.

As such, make a list of the things you will bring to leave off the unimportant items.

2. Consider Bringing the Most Basic Cooking Tools

Some people just can’t seem to leave without their kitchen items. In such a case, you may be able to live by your stove and a single can of fuel. Some stoves are portable enough to be carried around, and they are very light, so you may even include them in your backpack. Just make sure to contain them properly so that their fuel will not leak out on your other essential camping gear.

If you really want something more basic than that, then you may just bring along a couple of firestarters. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they will take off the additional weight that you otherwise have to carry around on your trip.

3. Bring Your Insect Repellent Kit

Being minimal doesn’t mean that you will ignore all the safety measures that you must put in place to prevent animal bites and bug allergies. Insect repellents are a perfect companion when exploring the wilderness. Aside from the fact that they keep dangerous bugs away from you, they will also prevent any possible nasty or poisonous bites that may just cut your camping trip short.


While camping trips definitely require a lot of essential items, you must only pick the ones that you know you are going to utilise the most. Aside from reducing the weight off your shoulders, it will also make your hike faster and efficient.

Bring along your kits and compass, stick with your basic cooking tools, and prevent insect bites with your repellents and have a wonderful camping trip without any of the usual hassles that go with it.

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