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Lighting Tool Essentials for Camping and Outdoor Trips

Anyone who knows about outdoor activities that can last overnight will already be privy to the fact that lighting is a part of one’s backpacking and camping essentials. It’s not one of those items you just can’t leave for later. 

You need to bring along the right tools for lighting to ensure that you have enough visibility without encumbering yourself. There are a lot of different options out there, so it’s good to break down which ones might work for your needs.

Industrial Torches

A handheld torch is always a good go-to because it’s lightweight, very portable, and can be used to inspect different directions. It’s a good idea to go for an industrial-grade torch so that its light is more powerful and the build quality will be more durable. 

Head Torches

Head torches are an excellent option to have if you need to have your hands free. Whether it’s to set up a campsite and a place to sleep or because you expect to be clearing debris or climbing, a head torch will ensure that you have a good line of sight without having to be held. This one is a definite must-have as backpacking gear, even if you’re not planning an extended trip.


The good thing about lanterns is that they give a less streamlined beam of light. This is good for lighting a space at once and being able to illuminate all around you. Of course, this is also dependent on its strength. These days, you can easily find solar or LED lanterns so that you’re not reliant on a flame that may go out.

Tent Lights

Although you could also use a lantern to light up your tent, you might want to have a fixture that you can attach to the bones of your tent itself. This just gives you more options to create a relaxing ambience while still providing just enough power to practically see things. For this, it will come down to the lumens.


This type of light is very useful if you’re in active search of something, mostly because it can illuminate farther distances than any other lighting option. If you’re trying to navigate a distance in the dark, this can be very helpful. Plus, you can use a spotlight to highlight sections of your camp to keep obstacles visible and to deter any animals from approaching.

Gas Lights

Although this requires more care in handling for safety purposes, it is usually more capable of producing brightness compared to LED options. In general, it also lets you control its strength with a knob. This gives you a little more flexibility with how bright you want to set it. Of course, you will have to bring extra fuel.

Extra Batteries and Power Banks

It’s always best to bring power sources for your lighting tools. So, whether you have rechargeable lighting equipment or lights that run on batteries, make sure you bring the necessary extras to keep things charged up in case they run out of power.


It’s best not to go overboard and try to get all of the lighting options out there. Not only will you add to your carry weight, but you’ll also take up space for other essential items in your trip. Figure out how much light you need and how long you may need the light source on so you can pack the right lighting equipment. 

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