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How to Prepare for a Sustainable Hike: Our Outdoor Guide

Hiking is a terrific way to stay in shape, appreciate the outdoors, and bond with nature. People from various walks of life love this pastime and everybody has their own unique reasons for wanting to be a part of such an incredible adventure.

Regardless, it is a shared responsibility to make your hiking habits sustainable — to take care of the plants, wildlife, and soil. These habits are important so that everyone can continue to enjoy the trails for years to come!

If you are ecologically responsible at home, why not keep making those decisions and make your outdoor activities more sustainable as well? If you plan to go on a hike soon, here are a few quick tips on how to make it more environmentally friendly:

Choose the Trail

Before you get your backpacking gear, making a thoughtful selection about which trail to take is a crucial aspect, as this stage alone will affect the succeeding tips on this list. Overuse has often forced the closure of a number of hiking paths in the country, though it's comforting to know that government officials are taking these precautions. But, as hikers, you should take action yourselves to prevent this from happening in the first place.

If you want, you can also consider going on trails that are off the beaten path. There's nothing more thrilling than uncovering fresh, uncharted pathways while trekking in a calm spot away from the masses. You will not only be doing yourself a favour by enjoying the peace and quiet, but the environment will also appreciate you!

Consider the Time of Year

Apart from the exercise and sightseeing, another exciting aspect of hiking is meeting and interacting with creatures that not many get to see often. Some wildlife visits specific places at certain times of the year, and you may wish to take advantage of this on your trip.

However, consider the influence that your presence might have on the creatures and their ecosystem, and whether or not it could be possibly hazardous. Witnessing natural phenomena firsthand may carry you away easily, but keep in mind to simply let nature take its course and be content with the fact that you allowed it to happen.

Plan on How to Get There

After deciding which trail and time of year you want to go, you must also think about how you'll get there. Are you going solo or travelling in a group? Would you want to carpool with others on the way there? Would you need any special equipment, like camping accessories or mountain climbing gear? These are just several questions you have to consider before you start hiking.


Hiking gives you a different type of thrill. With so many undiscovered places in this world, it is easy to become overly enthusiastic about seeing what is out there. However, when planning your excursions, you should constantly think about the long-term consequences of your decisions on the environment. You want to make sure that you and future generations can enjoy these paths again and again, and efficient and sustainable planning can help you achieve this goal!

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