Hiking with Kids: 8 Practical Tips for Parent Planners

Hiking with Kids: 8 Practical Tips for Parent Planners

Hiking in itself is quite a satisfying and enjoyable experience. As a parent, you probably want to share that experience with your kids. After all, hiking is an excellent way to get them connected with the outdoors and the environment, even at such a young age. Here are some tips you need to consider to make sure your hiking trip with your kids is safe, fun, and memorable.

1. Choose a Place with Varying Terrain and Features

Hiking with kids can be quite a challenge at times. You want to choose a trail that has a lot of variety in terrain. This will help keep your child from getting bored and you from getting frustrated with the hike. Look for trails that go over rocky areas, rolling hills, and flat surfaces for a little variety.

However, you should also choose a trail with a flat beginning and ending. The beginning and end of the hike need to be downhill, so kids will be able to hike without fear of falling. If you are going to toddlers, you can opt for a stroller. However, if you are hiking with older children, you need to have a pack carrier that they can hike in.

2. Start the Hike on a Sunny Day

Kids love to hike, but they get bored when it is raining, or there is no sun. Make sure you have chosen a hike that will allow your kids to get a lot of time outdoors on a sunny day.

3. Plan the Hike with a Few Rest Stops

Always take your time when hiking with your kids. Choose a hike that has some rest stops so they can get a break from hiking. Rest stops are also a great time to rest, play, and eat.

4. Choose a Hike that Won't Exhaust Your Children

Children have a lot of energy, but it will only last for so long. Make sure you choose a hike that is not so long that your kids will get tired. If you opt for a longer hike, make sure you have time to rest for a bit.

5. Bring Snacks, Treats and Rewards

Your kids will need some treats to get them feeling energised and interested in the hike again. Bring some energy bars and drinks for refreshments. They will also need some rewards for reaching milestones in the hike.

6. Bring a Pack Carrier for Older Kids

If you are hiking with older kids, take a pack carrier for them. This will help them carry their own snacks and water. It will also help them feel like they are hiking on their own. You can even carry their snacks and water in your pack and just give them a little bit when they need it.

7. Bring a First Aid Kit

Every hike should include a first aid kit. Be sure to bring one with some bandages and ointments for scrapes and cuts. If you are hiking with younger children, this is even more important.

8. Be Sure That Your Child is Comfortable With Hiking

If your child has never hiked before, you should take some time to get them used to hiking before you go out on an actual hike. Make sure they are comfortable with walking, sitting, and hiking with a pack carrier. You should also get them used to carrying a little bit of weight in the pack carrier and being able to hike for an extended period of time with little rest.


Hiking is a great way for families to spend time together, get in touch with nature, and stay fit. As a parent, you should encourage your children to get involved in hiking and even get them involved in it from a young age. Whether you are hiking with toddlers or children, these tips can make the hiking trip a fun, safe, and enjoyable experience.

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