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Hiking Essentials Checklist: What to Pack In a Safety Kit

Hiking is a delightful way to immerse oneself in nature, spend time with friends and family, and get in shape. Since this activity involves exploring unfamiliar environments, packing essential hiking accessories is necessary. These depend on the hiking distance, location, and weather forecast. To have an easier time packing, here is a checklist of items to bring before heading out:

Extra Food and Water

Some hikes can be completed in just one day. If you are planning on spending the night outside, make sure you prepare for it to ensure comfort and survival. Carry lightweight food enough to last you for 1-2 days, such as instant meals or energy bars. Don’t forget to carry enough drinkable water to prevent dehydration. If you have water purification devices, bring them with you during the trip.

Signalling Device

Nature can be unpredictable, and emergencies can happen at any time. For this reason, prepare signalling devices that work in remote locations, like a smartphone, whistle, or even a mirror. If you plan on bringing a phone, charge it before heading out and check if you have a signal when outdoors. Carrying a mirror or whistle is also helpful since it does not lose signal or run out of battery.  These items will allow you to contact someone for help and attract attention in case you need to be rescued.


Fire is a powerful source of light and warmth. It can even serve as a signal, especially at night. Additionally, the smoke it produces can be a signal during the daytime. Because of this, it’s important to pack some fuel, matches, or a lighter for your hiking trip. Some excellent fuel sources that keep the wood burning include tissue and cotton balls.

Basic First Aid Kit

Going on an adventure out in the wilderness means exposing yourself to different outdoor elements. There’s no telling what can happen in the middle of the woods. To prepare for injuries and other accidents, pack a first aid kit. It should include your prescribed medication, bandages, antiseptic towelettes, antihistamine, pain reliever, and a space blanket. 

Multi-Tool and a Pocket Knife

Every hiker must bring a pocket knife and multi-tool. These hiking must-haves will come in handy in case you find yourself having to spend an unexpected night outside or waiting for a rescue. They are essential for shelter construction, food preparation, and first aid.


Getting lost is common among hikers, especially beginners. Relying on memory is possible, but it can be extremely difficult if you have never been in a specific area before. This is why carrying a map, compass, and GPS is essential for finding your way back to safety. Since simply bringing them does no good, learn how to use them and improve your navigation skills before getting to the trails.


Hiking new trails or exploring outdoor spots you have never seen before can be exciting, but it can also be risky if you fail to prepare. Make your trip as comfortable and safe as possible by getting ready ahead of time. To start packing before heading out on your outdoor adventure, get these hiking essentials from a reputable hiking shop.

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