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5 Things That Should Be on Your Hike Checklist

Hiking with your friends or the people you love can be fun and interesting, especially if you go hiking on a long tour in a beautiful landscape of untouched nature. You have to be physically prepared because you need to be in good shape. 

Also, you should make a checklist of the things you want to bring with you on tour because once you are there and realise that you have forgotten something, it can be too late. For it, some basic things should be on your hiking checklists.

1. A Hiking Bag

One of the first things you should have on your checklist is a suitable bag for hiking. It should be easy to carry because you will be taking many things with you. It should be big enough to carry all the things that you need. 

The best choice is a waterproof bag because even if you are going to hike on not rainy weather, you never know what can happen, and every item that you carry with you should be protected. A hiking bag should also have several pockets to organise your things easily and find them as fast as possible when you need them.

2. Water and Food

Foods that are easy to carry and healthy are great for hiking. Foods like sandwiches, energy bars, fruits and nuts are great for hiking. Some snacks, such as nuts and dried fruits, have protein, so they can be a good choice if you plan to have a long hiking tour. Also, remember to drink enough water, because you will sweat a lot, and it should be replaced constantly. 

On the other hand, you should avoid something that has high protein and fibre for hiking because it can cause you to have diarrhea and lose weight. Also, you should have a water purifier with you to drink from the rivers, streams and other natural water sources.

3. First Aid

A first aid kit is essential because it can help you with any problem that you might encounter while hiking. You should include a wound sealer, bandages, tweezers, waterproof bandages, alcohol, and antibiotic pills. This is the first thing you should put on your checklist if you day hiking or hiking on a long tour.

4. Hiking Tools

You should have a map to plan the route before you start hiking. Also, a compass, a hiking stick, and a map holder are other things that you should have to have a good hiking experience and find your way back home safely. 

The hiking backpack you will use should have several pouches and pockets where you can put your hiking tools. Also, you should buy a tracking device for an emergency, so you can make wild-life calls to your friends or emergency services if you get lost or injured.

5. Hiking Clothing

When you go hiking, you need to take suitable clothing with you, especially if you hike in cold areas. You should have a waterproof jacket and pants, a hat and gloves. Also, you can take a waterproof blanket with you, so you can have a warm place to sleep during the night.


If you want to have a good and exciting hiking experience, you have to be prepared for it. Thus, you need to have a complete checklist of the things you need to take with you to find the things you need and avoid unpleasant situations easily.

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