The Best Gifts to Give to the Outdoorsy Person in Your Life

The Best Gifts to Give to the Outdoorsy Person in Your Life

For outdoorsy people, the great outdoors is their best friend. Regardless of the weather or season, they will always find a way to enjoy nature. During the winter, they are hitting the slopes or enjoying some winter hiking.

If you have someone special in your life who loves the great outdoors, then we got you covered. You do not have to worry about finding a gift for them during this winter season with our guide.

1. A Winter Jacket 

A winter jacket is perfect for everyone, even if they are not exactly outdoorsy. However, this is especially important for those who like going outside. They can never have enough winter jackets because the number of times they will be going out will always require them to get more.

2. Gloves

Nothing else can protect their hands other than a pair of gloves. If the receiver is someone who just goes out occasionally, then you may want to give them just a cute pair of wool gloves. However, if this outdoorsy person is the epitome of being one with nature, then a pair of winter hiking gloves should do the trick.

3. Sleeping Mat

Outdoorsy people will go hiking or camping at one point during the winter. Hiking and camping equipment can be a little pricey to buy, so why not give it to them as a gift to help them out. Sleeping mats are essential pieces of equipment that they will need during their outdoor adventures.

4. Self-Inflating Pillow

Most campers or hikers would not be bringing a standard pillow during their trip to save themselves from inconvenience. However, this does not mean that they are exactly the most comfortable during their rest stops, even if they are used to it. A thoughtful gift to ensure that they have a good rest during their trip is to get them a self-inflating pillow. It’s compact, lightweight, and convenient.

5. Gaiters

If you do not like going outdoors, you probably have no idea what gaiters are. Hikers often wear another piece of equipment over their shoes, which exactly are gaiters. Their purpose is to make sure nothing gets into their boots and keep their feet safe. Your loved one will know what this is, and they will be grateful that you would want to help keep their feet and legs safe from any danger.

6. Eco Towel

Just because they are outdoors dealing with icky stuff does not mean they have to be icky. Outdoorsy people will clean themselves and even bring their hygienic materials. An eco towel is perfect for helping them stay clean, and because it is made to be eco-friendly, you are helping the environment.

7. Multi-tool

Carrying several tools at once will be heavy, which is why multi-tools have been created. Make it easier for your outdoorsy friend to access several tools at once without the weight. Get them a multi-tool that will be utilised outdoors and make their camping trip more manageable.


You do not have to be an outdoorsy person yourself to know what kind of gift to get your outdoorsy friends. With this guide, you can easily have a cheat sheet to see your gift options. You can also consult with your local outdoor equipment supplier to see what you can get for your outdoorsy friend.

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