Eating Right for Your Next Hike: Our Essential Guide

For anyone that loves the great outdoors and loves a physical challenge, there’s no doubt that hiking is a perfect activity to partake in. 

Whether you’re a veteran that likes to conquer trails regularly or a beginner that’s about to take on your first trail, every opportunity to hike is something worth looking forward to. Of course, making the most out of it also entails coming prepared to ensure a safe and smooth-sailing experience.

As any expert will tell you, the secret to a great hiking experience is preparation. Knowing your trail, keeping your body primed for movement, and coming with the right tools and equipment all benefit your trip in one way or another. 

And there’s one aspect that is important above all: the food you eat during your trip.

Why Coming With the Right Food Matters

The food you eat during a day-trip hike or a days-long trail can make the difference between having the best or worst experience. Food can help you tackle any route regardless of how intense the trail is. Your body is in constant motion, and energy is expended for hours on end, so you must ensure that you start planning your menu long before your trip.

A Few Food Considerations

It’s to stock up on lightweight yet filling and nutritious snacks and meals that will give you the energy you need. However, there are a few more tips to consider before your grocery trip:

Go For Fresh

You might hear hiking veterans talk about things like gels and trail mix when the topic of hiking food comes up, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you should avoid fresher items. If you want to keep your body fuelled throughout a trip, it helps to stock up on fruits and sandwiches. Just make sure to store them appropriately.

Bring More Than Expected

During a hike, it can be very easy to eat more than you should because of the energy you spend. For good measure, pack a little more food and water than you would normally eat so you won’t run out!

Pick Options that Provide Lasting Energy

When it comes to top choices for hiking grub, the best kinds of food to work with will always be nutrient-dense and capable of providing lasting energy. Options that meet this criteria fall along the lines of complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and clean protein as they are digested slower and keep energy supplies constant. 

A Few Recommended Choices

There are all sorts of options you can choose from as you browse Adventureco’s online store; it can be quite confusing to settle on what can serve your needs best. Here are some staple options that experienced hikers will always recommend: 

1. Jerky

Over the years, jerky has become a must-include item in any hiker’s pack because it is rich in protein, which means it can keep your muscles fuelled as you traverse trails. It takes up the least amount of space, and this snack is as delicious as it is fulfilling, with so many flavour options!

2. Nutrition or Granola Bars

Staying energized throughout a hike can be done with nutrition bars. With large helpings of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats packed into compact, easy-to-carry bars, these options tick all the boxes of what hiking food should be.

3. Energy Chews (or Gels)

Don’t let their gummy exterior fool you: these options provide nutrients, calories, and electrolytes within a matter of seconds. If you’re looking for an option that takes up the least amount of space in your backpack, energy chews are the way to go. 


Preparing for a hiking trip entails dealing with all sorts of factors, a critical element of which is the food that you pack. Once you come prepared with all the right snacks and meals in your hiking backpack, you’ll be more than ready to take your trips to the next level in no time! 

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