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7 Exciting Camping Styles You Can Explore in Australia

If you enjoy the outdoors and camping in general, the form of camping you choose may not matter to you, but understanding the various camping types may be beneficial if you have a specific goal in mind for the camping trip. With that in mind, we'll go over the various camping methods available and where to find outdoor camping stores in Sydney in this post.

Cabin Camping

Cabin camping is a fantastic method to get newcomers into the outdoors. Cabin camping is available at several campgrounds in Australia. Cabins are a great alternative to tents because you won't have to worry about pitching your tent or dealing with the weather.

Cabins can be as simple as a four-walled construction with a bed and minimal amenities to opulent cabins with electricity, silverware, kitchen equipment, and air conditioning. Some cabin sites include fire pits and picnic tables, but it's best to double-check with management first.

Camping for Backpackers

Backpacking is when you carry all of your camping essentials on your back for a day or more while trekking. It could also entail camping in the open air. In most cases, your backpack will hold your tent, sleeping bag, and all of the equipment you'll need to prepare meals and collect water while camping.

Backpacking is all about embarking on a new and exciting experience while taking in everything the country offers, from its culture to its diverse landscapes. Backpacking creates memories that last a lifetime. It's also a great method to be as self-sufficient as possible while escaping civilisation. It's entirely up to you to spend your nights at a campground or in the woods. When backpacking, keep in mind that your luggage should be as light as possible.


Glamping, often known as glamorous camping, is a type of camping that includes more lavish accommodations and amenities than traditional camping. It's a place where nature and modern luxury collide. There are cosy mattresses, hot baths and bathtubs, electricity, abundant meals, and other amenities.

Glamping lets you get away and relish the great outdoors in the most beautiful places when staying in a hotel is not an option, without sacrificing comfort, style, or those little amenities we all crave on vacation.

Furthermore, the hassle of setting up your tent and all of your stuff is not required for this form of camping. It's important to remember that just because you're glamping doesn't mean you can't appreciate the outdoors and everything it offers. There are a variety of activities available depending on whatever camping site you visit.

Camping in a Hammock

Hammock camping involves where you sleep in a hammock instead of a tent. Many travelers like to spend their nights in hammocks since they are lightweight and take up little space in their backpacks.

Hammock campers also appreciate being suspended because they aren't forced to sleep on uneven rocky ground. You will undoubtedly require some nearby trees to set up and tie your hammock when hammock camping.

Camping in an RV or a Van

RVs and campervans are vehicles that combine travel and camping. RVs are mobile houses with features such as built-in kitchens, bathrooms, and even a dining area.

Most campgrounds in Australia enable campers to park their RVs on their grounds while taking advantage of their amenities, facilities, and activities. On the other hand, Campervans are significantly smaller than RVs, with only enough room for a bed area and a few living conveniences. Simple living can be compared to living in a van.

Rooftop Tent Camping 

Rooftop tent camping is when you sleep on top of your car in a tent. A rooftop tent or vehicle top tent is ideal for those seeking comfort and convenience. Rooftop tents are simple to set up on the roof of your vehicle if you follow the instructions. It's also more long-lasting and less expensive to buy camping tents than to purchase an RV.

Survival Camping

Survival camping is a camping style where you live off the land and rely on your resources. You spend your days and nights studying how to survive in harsh situations and extreme environments.

You may have to hunt, gather your food, and construct shelters from available materials.

Participants learn how to handle camping equipment in a survival camp and travel with only the essentials. You can fully enjoy your experience with only a little self-discipline and learn how to handle it in your difficult conditions since it is the greatest sort of camping if you want to get as near to nature as possible.


Australia is vast, and the best way to see it is to go on a road trip. It provides you with complete freedom and allows you to observe as much as possible. But where do you stay when you're on the road? The greatest way, in our opinion, is to go camping! 

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