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Camping in the Rain? Don't Forget These Crucial Tips

Most Australians like camping when the sun is shining and the weather is warm and pleasant, but the weather may have a mind of its own. While you cannot stop the rain from falling, you may fully plan and prepare for it. Camping in the rain may not be ideal for many, but it is possible, and the experience may be unforgettable. We've put together some useful ideas to help you enjoy your wet weather camping.

1. Bring Along Wet Weather Camping Gear

Raincoats, warm clothes, gumboots, beanies, gloves, scarves, ear muffs, umbrellas, rain ponchos, waterproof jackets, and other essentials should be packed. You should also have a set of additional clothes in a waterproof bag in case of an emergency. When it comes to camping equipment, you should pack a waterproof tent with a rain fly, waterproof shoes, waterproofing spray, waterproof camping mats, and so on.

When purchasing wet weather clothing, look for lightweight and breathable items (sweaters, raincoats, long pants, gum boots, etc.). Keep a couple of additional tarps on hand to lay over your dome to keep rain out. You can always bring a few extra tie-downs and ropes for peace of mind.

2. Bring Lots of Plastic Bags

You will be surprised at the amount of things that can get soaked at a campsite. In addition to food and clothes, you should also bring extra plastic bags to store the wet items. This will keep them dry and prevent them from getting wet and soggy. Plastic bags are also useful to line your tent with them to help keep the moisture out.

3. Stay Ahead of the Weather Forecast

It's wise to get a clear idea of the weather forecast before leaving home. If you can, wait a day before you start your camping trip just to ensure the weather will be good. If the weatherman has predicted rain, you should pack your wet weather camping gear and keep it close so that you can use it as soon as the rain starts.

4. Choose the Right Campsite

The first thing you should do when camping in the rain is to find an appropriate place to pitch your tent. Look for a place close to a source of fresh water and with lots of trees. Stay away from low-lying places, as you will be at the risk of flooding.

5. Make the Most of the Rainwater

You should take advantage of the rain and collect it in a suitable container for later use. You can use the water to wash your hands and face, or to brush your teeth. You can even use this water to flush your toilet or wash your plates.

6. Plan Indoor Games

The most anticipated part of any camping trip is the campfire. It is the place where you can relax after a long day of hiking and fishing. During wet weather camping, you should look for a place inside where you can plan indoor activities. You should have games that can fit everyone in your group. You can have a game of cards, darts, or a bean bag toss game.


If you love camping and want to experience it even when the weather is not so great, then you can do it. You just have to make preparations beforehand. You need to bring along wet weather camping gear, choose the right campsite, make the most of the rainwater, plan indoor games, and so on. You can make the best of your wet weather camping trip by staying prepared and having fun.

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