Camping Essentials: What to Bring Along for Your Next Trip

Camping Essentials: What to Bring Along for Your Next Trip

Camping provides a great way to disconnect from the busy schedules, hectic lives and electronic devices of the modern world. Camping offers you a perfect excuse to get outside, away from all of that, to rejuvenate your spirit by reconnecting with nature—wildlife, the night sky and even the sounds of nature are only a few of the things you interact with when you go camping. Some families consider camping to be a great method for families and friends to bring people back together and refresh relationships by replacing social media and phone interactions with face-to-face communication. A successful camping trip requires proper equipment, including shelter, cooking and eating equipment, hygiene supplies, lighting, sleeping and entertainment items. Here are some things you’ll want to bring along to your next camping trip.

Camping-Ready Food and Drinks

Food gives the body fuel, and if you're taking the time to hit the road and have a camping experience, you should plan ahead. While ordering takeout is an appealing option, there may not be any nearby resources. Plus, cooking at the campsite is part of the fun of camping. You can go for ready-made foods packed in cans or prepare your meals fresh and hot if you enjoy cooking. The former cuts down on preparation time, so you can focus your energy and time on enjoying the camping experience. When you’re camping and cooking out, you’ll want to include a portable grill so you can cook the same food you would at home. Also, you can use charcoal briquettes in place of a fire if you don’t want to risk having a fire.

Water is just as important as food, and there are several ways to treat it safely. You can buy bottled water, but it takes up space in your gear. In addition, portable water treatment equipment can eliminate bacteria and other contaminants from readily available sources of water and take up less space in your gear than bottled water.

Sleeping Bags and Pads

Accommodations are a major part of any camping trip. Whether you are camping in a tent or a group of recreational vehicles, the sleeping arrangements will directly impact your comfort level and your ability to get a good night's sleep. For example, an air mattress may give you the comfort you prefer. However, it will not protect you from either falling off the mattress or rolling over onto the ground at night. In that case, an inflatable mattress is the better choice for your group. An inflatable sleeping pad provides some level of cushioning, without the risk of falling off or rolling over on the hard ground.

Camp-Friendly Lighting

Once the sun sets, you'll need a source of light to keep enjoying the campsite in the dark. Choose a light that provides adequate light, is durable, and has a long-lasting battery. LED lanterns charge mostly using USB cables, allowing you to plug them in to a portable charger or your laptop. Solar lights need only be exposed to sunlight during the day for a full charge; no extra devices are needed for this type of lantern. If you're camping in mountain regions that get ittle sun, battery-powered lanterns can power a campsite.


We hope this article proves to be useful when it comes to helping you prepare for your next camping trip. Be sure to be as prepared as possible so that you can make the most out of your trip. Feel free to reread this article as you prepare to ensure that you don’t forget to pack any camping essentials.

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