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Camping and Backyard Campfires

A pack and carry fire pit looks great as an addition to your backyard patio furniture. One of the benefits of using an enclosed fire pit is the safety factor. Sitting around a fire is a wonderful evening pastime for the warm months and being able to do so in an area that confines the ashes and hot coals with a safety screen is very important.

Backyard campfires are becoming increasingly popular. Where you used to only have a fire if you went away camping, now many people enjoy campfire on a regular basis in their own back yard. It’s a great get together place for families, for a romantic evening under the stars or as an end to a great family fun day or big barbecue.

A pack and fire place can be used not only for open fires but for roasting marshmallows, roasting sausages or other food as well as making snacks in open fire. There’s something delicious and fun about cooking over an open fire. This fire pot also makes it a bit safer as it contains the fire for you in the unit and allows you to keep the size of your fire under control. A fire pit also lets you easily put your fire out when you’re ready to turn in for the night.

The fire pit looks great during the day too. Consider putting wrought iron chairs or benches around the fire pit as well as having other accessories in your yard in order to accentuate its good looks and create a nice conversation area. These units look great out on your patio or even in the grass.

Be certain that you check your local laws for fire restrictions and heed warnings about “no burn” periods where fire burning is not recommended. Also be sure that children and pets keep a safe distance from the open fire both when it’s in use as well as afterwards. Coals can take quite a while to cool down, even up to twenty four hours. Sometimes people report having a fire on a Friday night and still having coals to get a new fire started for Saturday night as well.

Here’s a s’mores recipe for your copper fire pit.

· Roast your marshmallows on a stick or skewer and be careful that you don’t get it or yourself burnt

· Place your gooey roasted marshmallow onto a graham cracker

· Top the marshmallow with a Square of Milk or Dark chocolate

· Sandwich with another Graham Cracker on top of the chocolate.

Your marshmallow may be hot enough to melt the chocolate and fuse the crackers together or you can place in foil wrap and carefully put on your grill to melt the contents. Have lots of napkins present, as these delectable treats are rather gooey!


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