5 Breathtaking Places for the Sickest Mountaineering

5 Breathtaking Places for the Sickest Mountaineering

‘Straya is an excellent place for adventure and excitement, with tons of wildlife to discover with your very own eyes!

With that said, get your backpacking gear ready as we talk about five breathtaking places for the sickest ‘Straya mountaineering experience you’ll ever have!

Glass House Mountains, QLD

Suppose you’re a local or tourist who wants to get their feet wet regarding hiking; then the Glass House Mountains should be your first location! Located in Queensland, these mountains are believed to be the starting point of the Australian technical climbing summit during the 1800s. 

Proof of this is the trails located on Tibrogargan and Beerwah, which beginners can easily hike due to their less rough and less jagged terrain.

Before visiting, get in touch with locals as the Beerwah route is sometimes restricted.

Freycinet Peninsula, Tasmania

This region is a great place for both beginners and experienced mountaineers to explore. The Freycinet Peninsula is one of the few areas in the Land Down Under with a coastal climb and a fantastic view at the top!

However, the biggest reason this area attracts mountaineers of diverse expertise is how remote the site is. Not many people flock to the Freycinet Peninsula, which is probably why locals and tourists enjoy visiting. They get to savour attractions such as Cape Tourville, White Water Wall, The Nuggets, and Bluestone Bay!

Booroomba, Australian Capital Territory

Booroomba is one of the granite slabs in Canberra’s wide range of ecological tour sites. What makes this site unique is that it contains multiple hiking trails you can choose from. Its view is also very unique! Booroomba’s peak displays the beautiful skyline of Australia’s capital at night, with the sparkle of buildings, cars, and street lights accompanying the night sky.

A tip on Booroomba mountaineering: plan your trips around the summer months as the climate gets very hot and humid. It’s not the best experience for your first or umpteenth time. If you’re the daring kind, however, be sure to prepare high-quality Australian adventure wear offers.

Mt. Arapiles, Victoria

Our fourth location is the most recommended for newbies or veterans of mountaineering. Like Booroomba in Canberra, this small mount contains over 2,000 climbing spots and makes Mt. Arapiles an adventurous destination! The sights on its clifftop give way to views of Mitre Lake and the wild Victorian outback.

Mt. Arapiles’ unique environmental landscape draws hikers from around the world. As such, this is one of the busiest areas year-round for both its easy and challenging trails. Avoid planning visits here on Easter as you’ll encounter a long queue!

Wilpena Pounds, SA

A panoramic view of the Land Down Under’s land and sky from 3,000 feet is your reward at the peak of Wilpena Pounds in South Australia. Its natural rock formations and perspectives of Flinders Ranges National Park are sights you don’t want to miss out on!

This spot is also one of the best mountaineering spots since 1945 due to its breathtaking natural views. Pro tip: the Moonarie route is the best way to access the peak for those gorgeous sights!

The Final Leg

The beauty of these tours lies in their promotion of Australia’s natural habitats and wildlife. Whether tourist or local, we have the power to preserve these gorgeous landscapes for future generations as long as we hike responsibly and respectfully towards the nature we are blessed with.

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