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Why Wearing Barefoot Shoes Is Better than Traditional Shoes

If you love fashion or have an active lifestyle, you probably have heard about the importance of using proper footwear for every occasion. When you choose the proper shoe, it makes you look good and protects your feet against common injuries. 

Whether you play sports or engage in outdoor activities, wearing sport or exercise-specific shoes can improve how you perform. It would enable you to achieve better athletic performance, improve your pacing, help you make quick direction changes, and more.  

In a study about the benefits of wearing Vivobarefoot, the effects of wearing them for around six months were recorded. It revealed that a person's foot strength could improve up to 60 per cent by simply wearing the shoes. A previous study also reiterated how Vivobarefoot impacts a person's stability and mobility.

Curious about how this happens? This article will flesh them out for you. 

What Is Vivobarefoot?

Vivobarefoot is a shoe brand that offers various barefoot shoes for every occasion. What makes it different from other footwear brands is how it utilises ultra-thin and puncture resistant soles that make one's feet feel barefoot. 

How Barefoot Shoes Are More Beneficial

People were born with almost perfect feet. However, usage over time can bring imperfection. Physically abled people use their feet almost all the time. That is why by pre-school age, people's feet are already deformed. 

Multiple efforts have been made to reduce this phenomenon. One of which is the use of a cushion to address the sole and feet problems encountered by many. However, just because there is cushioning does not mean it is good for your feet. What these shoe companies tell their audience is that added layer of cushion means added comfort. However, that is not the case. 

Cushions make feet feel comfortable, but it discourages your feet muscles from getting their much-needed exercise. As a result, it can make your ankles stiff and give you knee problems. Moreover, some studies found that shoes with high cushioning get a higher vertical average load rate and instantaneous loading rate. These two promote injuries to feet relating to overuse, such as stress fractures and plantar fasciitis. 

Reconnecting one's body and feet to the ground can make one feel stronger and more balanced. Barefoot shoes have different mechanisms from traditional shoes, allowing them to provide many health benefits. Here are the many ways it could help:

  • Barefoot shoes follow the natural curve of the feet, letting them move naturally. That strengthens the feet's muscles and correct any possible deformities. Other shoes are stiff, preventing this. 
  • Flat shoes keep the centre of gravity over the heels. 
  • It fits the natural shape of the shoes. These shoes allow its users to walk and run correctly, landing the balls of the feet as it is supposed to do. Properly doing it could engage all the muscles in the foot and remove any pain. 
  • Wearing barefoot shoes gives more stimulation to the brain. It helps the brain become more aware of the situation, improving the person's balance. On the other hand, heeled shoes force the body to compensate throughout the spine, making it overworked compared to the other parts. 


The best you can do for your feet is take care of them, not just in grooming and hygiene but also in terms of comfort. If you have no foot problems or injuries, consider barefoot shoes for your feet. They can train your sense of balance and coordination. 

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