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Australian Outback Camping: Helpful Tips for Success


Outdoor camping in the Australian Outback is an experience like no other. With its vast deserts, spectacular mountains, and stunningly beautiful coastline, the Outback offers a unique opportunity to explore Australia's natural beauty and wildlife. 

However, it's important to remember that camping in the Outback is a completely different experience from camping in other parts of the country. The environment is harsh and unforgiving, and preparing for it requires different skills and knowledge. 

Luckily, this article will provide helpful tips and advice for anyone planning an Australian Outback camping trip so that you can have a safe and successful journey. 

1. Pick a Safe Camping Spot

Choosing the perfect spot for your tent is key for camping. Not only do you want to pick a safe and comfortable spot, but you also want an area that provides the best view of the sky and mountains. After all, you're still outdoors for several days, so ensuring you're in a safe area is important.

That's why pitch your tent in a flat area with good drainage. A flat spot is necessary for your tent to remain upright and secure, and good drainage will help to keep the outdoor camping area dry and reduce the chances of flooding. The area must also be free of rocks, roots, and other items that could damage your tent. You should also reside near a reliable water source and away from hazards like creeks or cliffs.

2. Be Crocwise

There are instances when the area you'll be camping on is a crocodile-infested county (e.g., Queensland, Australia). In these cases, it is important to be "crocwise" when selecting your camping spot. Being crocwise means picking a spot far away from rivers, creeks, and other bodies of water that crocodiles may inhabit.

Aside from that, avoid swimming in rivers or other bodies of water and never leave food lying around. If you encounter a crocodile, stay calm and back away slowly. Make sure to also keep a watchful eye on children and pets at all times.

3. Make a Campfire

Of course, your outdoor camping experience is incomplete without a campfire. In fact, making a fire is essential for staying warm, cooking food, and providing light.

When making a fire, choose a spot far away from flammable materials, such as trees, dry grass, and shrubs. Clear the area of any debris that can catch fire easily, and have a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher nearby in case of an emergency.

First, to make a campfire, collect dry wood and fuel (e.g., dry leaves, newspaper, etc.). Create a "teepee" structure and place the fuel in the middle. Light the tinder and gently blow on it to make the fire grow. Once the fire is burning, add larger pieces of wood to keep it going.

Always remember to be safe when making a campfire. Keep the fire contained and put it out when you use it.

Final Thoughts

Australian outback camping is an extremely rewarding experience and can be enjoyed safely and with success with the right preparation and knowledge. Always remember to plan, bring the right equipment and supplies, be aware of the potential dangers, and respect the environment. With the right precautions, exploring this amazing part of the world and enjoying the great outdoors with friends and family is possible.

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