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5 Steps to Take To Achieving a Sustainable Lifestyle

It’s easy for companies to claim that they are sustainable. However, most businesses only claim to be sustainable for publicity. But how do you practice sustainability? The first step includes you and the businesses you shop from.

Ditch Faux Sustainable Brands

As mentioned above, some companies only claim to be sustainable. As a consumer, it is your responsibility to check on which companies care about the environment.

Start looking for brands that offset their carbon emissions, members of an alliance for sustainability, or certification standards—do some research on the brands you give your money to. Try to discover if the businesses you support test inhumanely on animals, provide excellent working conditions, or use any toxic processes to make their products.

Although it may sound like eliminating brands you currently support, it’s easy to find companies that genuinely care about sustainability. For example, we at Adventureco believe that clothing should be sustainable, even clothes for the outdoors! Our goal is to promote the best and most sustainable outdoor products to help minimise their impact on the environment. 


Switch to Sustainable Brands

Where you shop should have values that align with yours. Don’t worry! Switching to sustainable brands doesn’t mean you would have to spend more or sacrifice your style. It all means choosing the brands that promote sustainability and care for the environment matching your budget and needs. Let your money work for the planet you’re trying to save while still enjoying life.


Buy Secondhand Clothing

Vox reports that 8 to 10 per cent of the total greenhouse gas emissions come from the fashion industry. That’s more than the aviation and maritime shipping industry combined. While the fashion industry manufactures and sells garments around 80 to 150 billion pieces a year, nearly three-fifths of those end in landfills and incinerators—that’s about 52 and a half million.

The easiest solution for too much clothing—buying and wearing secondhand items. Try to make a habit of looking at thrift stores if you mean to buy a new set of clothes. Soon, you won’t only lessen clothing waste but receive compliments along the way too.


Remember to Reuse

Being sustainable doesn’t only mean buying from shops that promote the lifestyle or purchasing secondhand items. It also means purchasing a reusable item and using it multiple times to avoid buying the same thing repeatedly. 

For example, purchasing a water canister is better than buying bottled water for drinking. You can minimize your use of single-use plastics while also fulfilling your daily hydration needs.


Everything You Do Help

Being sustainable is a lifestyle. You would have to do it until you get used to it continuously. In return, you’ll get to help the planet recover from years of abuse. As long as you can reuse something, do it. Sustainability is a cheap lifestyle that anyone can adhere to, even in their own small ways. Start today.


We shouldn’t have waited centuries to subscribe to sustainable living. It should’ve been our goal from the beginning. However, it is not too late to start again. Consider switching to a new lifestyle today and start a new life tomorrow.

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