4 Must-Try Camping Activities For Kids

4 Must-Try Camping Activities For Kids

Are you planning a camping trip with your family? If yes, perhaps, you might have done all the preps. But wait, have your remembered to pre-plan some fantastic fun camping activities for your kids. Yes, these tiny bouncing balls need full-time engagement. Otherwise, they’ll keep on announcing, “I’m bored”.

Actually, it’s not the children’s fault. Sometimes it is too hard for them to understand the benefits of camping. Some kids are so used to mobile and Wi-Fi that it is very difficult for them to spend even a minute without these things.  Take the time to disconnect, to reconnect.

Here are some ideas for the fun camping activities of your kids. So, have a look.


Talk and listen to your kids

Keep your electronics aside and let your kids talk whatever they want. Ask them to share their crazy stories. Or share your childhood stories with them when all of the modern gadgets were not so common. Kids of all ages love to listen to stories and like to share their experiences in stories. So, get ready to hear the silly jokes and silly songs while enjoying a campfire. No doubt, nothing can replace the enjoyment of these waves of laughter.


Start Nature Hiking

If you have young toddlers that can walk a little, select an easy and short trail. Start nature hiking and explore nature with your kids. So that your kids are tired enough to sleep well at night. Talk to your kids about various wildflowers and take pictures to set a wonderful memory. Let your younger kids identify the familiar plants and bird species of that area. Take along a “Nature’s explorer kit” to make your camping more exciting.


camping trail

Explore and Craft the Nature 

Get the kids to spot interesting rocks, shapes and sticks.  We recommend you don’t take these things with you, however they can give great inspiration for paintings or drawing.  Bring paint, a paintbrush, and a disposable plastic tray to put the paint in, along with you if going for a short walk.  Take some time to paint what you see!

Play fun games

Play fun games with your kids to enjoy your camping trip.

Map maze: Bring some sort of treasure along with you to play map maze. Hide it nearby your campsite. Make a simple map that can help your kids to find the treasure. Your kids will learn map reading skills through this adventure.


Scavenger Hunt: Play scavenger hunt with your kids and let them spot different trees, plants, and, animals. It will help your kids to explore nature.


Star Gazing: Normally, we can’t see stars at home due to the polluted environment of cities. Camping gives you an ideal opportunity for star gazing and constellation spotting. Help your kids in identifying different planets. Even, you won’t need a telescope as the sky is clear in areas away from cities.

Final Thoughts

Camping with your kids is great fun that sets an unforgettable memory. When they’ll get old, they’ll tell their camping stories to their kids. So, to make this moment more memorable, preplan everything. Discuss with your kids what they want to do at the camp site and get them involved with planning the fun!

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