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Preparing For A Hiking Trip In 4 Steps

Hiking can be something magical, but it can also quickly turn into something miserable and painful. The preparation is always the key for having an awesome and epic adventure on the beautiful trails of nature. Let’s break it down to 4 simple steps on how you can prepare for your upcoming outdoors affair.

Step 1: Research Your Hiking Trail

There is a lot to consider when choosing your next trail and adventure, but when you do pick one, make sure to properly research and gather some important info about your path before you step on it.

When trying to get familiar with your destination, there are some key elements you want to know, each for their own individual reason.

  • Marking Quality – for a more comfortable and easy going hike
  • Length and Terrain – choose accordingly to your ability
  • Accessibility – some trails might not be available at a particular time of the year
  • Dangers involved – while other trails are safe year-round, some of them can possess various dangers such as wildlife, landslides and more.

Step 2: Training and Practice

You don’t have to be in the best shape of your life or have the endurance of marathon runner, but some practice and engagement in fitness are definitely going to help.

One of the best ways to prepare for your hiking trip is sticking to the basics.

Walking, walking and more walking is probably the biggest key to your hiking conditioning. Increase your walking kilometrage every week gradually alongside with some bodyweight essentials like squats and lunges to strengthen your legs!


Step 3: Choose The Right Gear

One of the more important steps you can take in your preparation for your hiking trip is choosing the right backpack and hiking boots.

How important this is, I can’t stress enough. This can be the difference maker between awesome and epic adventure or frustratingly painful trip.

Choose the backpack depending on your hike to fit all your clothing, check if there are important straps for stabilizing the load and read some reviews before buying.

Make sure your hiking boots have ankle support, fit well and you walk and wear them before hitting the trail.


Step 4: Pack The Essentials

Short, long, easy or hard it doesn’t matter. Without the essentials, you will never be truly prepared for any kind of hiking trip.

You might end up saying why I even packed these. And it's true, you will probably never use all of them in one hike. But if something comes up or the sun seems to be just a little bit more scorching than you expected, that sunscreen you threw in just might save the day.

It greatly depends on your type of trail what to pack, but with these essentials, you will surely have a peace of mind.

  • Navigation Tools
  • Extra water or water filter
  • Extra food or snacks
  • First Aid Kit
  • Sun Protection
  • Rain Protection
  • Knife
  • Safety Items (whistle, flashlight, fire, etc.)


Final Thoughts

Your trip will begin even before you hit the trails and lose yourself into the hiking adventures. Planning, preparing and getting ready can be the journey of its own. Apply these simple four steps to your preparation plan and stay sharp out there, on the beautiful outdoors.

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