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How to Set up Camp

How to Set up Camp

5 Easy Ways That are Sure to Build the Best Camp

Camping is an excellent way to enjoy the great outdoors. Fresh air, wide open spaces, and the sounds of nature sure do sooth the soul. But if your camp isn’t set up properly, your camping dreams can turn into nightmares quickly!


The next time that you go camping, follow these 5 easy tips on how you can set up a camp that you’ll absolutely love!


1. Site Selection 

Camp site selection is the first thing you need to consider when setting up camp. A good thing to keep in mind is that you want to camp at least 100 feet away from a water source so that you don’t accidentally contaminate it or cause unnecessary erosion near the water source.


Also, keep an eye out for potential hazards. Look above, around, and below where you plan on setting up your camp for anything that might be an unwelcomed surprise in the middle of the night!


2. Level Ground

Finding a level campsite is essential to getting a good night’s sleep. If you are on unlevel ground, you’ll end up rolling off of your sleeping pad, which will result in you accidentally sleeping direction on the cold ground!


If you do end up having to set up on unlevel ground, try to orient your tent so that your head will be facing up hill when you’re sleeping. That way you will avoid getting a headache from sleeping with your head facing downhill!


3. Sun Rise

Rising with the sun is an excellent benefit of camping. To make sure that you get the most out of your experience, consider facing the opening of your tent to the east. That way, you’ll be able to be greeted by the rising sun first thing in the morning.


Early morning sun light will elevate your mood as well as warm your tent up quickly in the morning!


4. Wind Blocking

After you have assessed your camp site for potential hazards, look for safe areas that can provide some relief from the wind. Trees and large boulders can help block out the wind. Windy nights can cause your tent body to rustle endlessly through the night, which will prevent you from sleeping soundly!


If you can find a safe spot, setting up your camp where the wind can be blocked will help you get a good night’s sleep every night!


5. Camp Site Planning

Now that you have found a safe, level spot that faces the east and blocks out the wind, it’s time to set up camp. Consider the flow of where you need to move around camp before pitching your tent. Look around for rocks and exposed roots that might be tripping hazards. These things are easy to avoid during the day, but if you need to get up at night, they might not be as easy to see and avoid!


Final Thoughts

Setting up the perfect camp isn’t hard, but it does take a little planning. Now that you’ve read these tips, you’ll be sure to set up the perfect camp the next time you go out camping!

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