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5 Handy Tips Every Beginner Camper Should Keep in Mind

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Camping is one of the most fun and liberating activities you can enjoy with your friends if you want to be close to nature. It will also let you challenge yourself to live an independent life without the convenience of technology. When camping, you can freely choose your activities, go fishing for food, trek for a few hours, or just chill and enjoy the environment while having your cooked food. 

However, this type of outdoor adventure may not be as easy as it sounds. You have to be prepared for all the setup before you can wholly enjoy the experience, and if you’re not ready enough, you might end up not wanting to do it ever again. If you are going out on your first camping adventure, we will share five starter tips for you to avoid ruining your trip:

Check and test your equipment

Making a checklist of camping essentials is an important step that you must not overlook. Check if everything is ready and test them before loading them into your car. Try setting up your tent to see if there are any broken or missing parts, and check the battery of your light sources and make sure you have extra new batteries and a portable charger. Most importantly, make sure you have a reliable source of fire.

Don’t overpack

We understand the excitement of a first-timer but always keep in mind that you are just camping and not transferring to a new place. Yet, we’re not telling you to under-pack as well. You should bring all the camping essentials, such as tents, sleeping mats, extra clothes, and accessories for camping (insect repellent). To know what else you should bring, ask yourself if you will need it more than once. If not, then it’s best to leave them at home because overpacking will only make the trip harder! 

Don’t start late at night

We know you want to maximise your weekend and go straight to the camping site right after your work. You might even think it would be more challenging and fun if you set up your campsite in the dark, but this should not apply to beginners. Remember that there are not enough light sources when camping, which is why putting up your tent and cooking your food in the dark would be a total hassle. In fact, your flashlights and lamps won’t help you enough. This is why it’s best to arrive earlier and set everything up before it gets dark so that you won’t rush and can enjoy the entire night.

Secure your food from animals

Keep in mind that you are just visiting the wildlife’s natural habitat when you’re camping. As such, do not leave your food outside unless you want uninvited guests to appear at your campsite. Some animals are harmless, but you would not wish to attract bears and other big animals. Remember, keep your food inside your tent if you are leaving the campsite or when about to sleep. 

Clean as you go

You must always remember to leave your camping site as clean as you found it. Again, this place is filled with animals, and you can’t expect them to clean up after you. Worse, they might take your trash as food and potentially harm them. If nature allows you to have a refreshing escape, you should always keep it clean and protected!


Every outdoor activity will surely be fun as long as you are with the people you love and enjoy being with. However, you should also mind other people you will encounter and be ready to meet wild animals along your trip. Because of this, being prepared by considering the tips we’ve shared above will help you enjoy your experience to the fullest! 

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