Why Go Native?

Why Go Native?

Born in New Zealand, Go Native is a group of people driven by a passion for active exploration. They’re on a mission to revolutionise the active, outdoor industry - the food we eat when we’re active and the products we need to enjoy living in the outdoors.  

The team from Go Native have dived in the Antarctic, kayaked through Botswana and climbed Mt Kilimanjaro. In 2006 Duncan traced the Nile from the Mediterranean Sea near Cairo to its longest source high in the Nyungwe Mountains of Rwanda; an epic four-month adventure.

The Go Native journey has begun, we’re underway. Working with outstanding natural ingredients, reusable and sustainable materials.

At Go Native they have a mantra which is a key driver behind their ‘why’.

’We’re not perfect; we learn and improve as we go. We have a passion. We want to make a difference.

We believe if you eat what is best, your body will give you its best.

Never compromise.’

Go Native is trusted and enjoyed by Global Emergency Services, World Champions, Olympians, National Sports Teams, Antarctic Scientists, Extreme Adventurers, Active Children and Health Hunters.

Ready To Eat Meals

Delicious, ready to eat casseroles and curries for the outdoors, work, and home. Hot in 2 minutes. Not dehydrated, heat our ready to eat casseroles and curries in the pouch for 2 minutes in boiling water. Food is one of the most important components of any adventure.

Freeze-dried meals don't come close to these homestyle hearty meals. Our meals are now enjoyed on all Great Walks, backcountry hunting missions, Mt Everest, Dongfeng; the winning round the world yacht, and families multi-day adventuring. The proof is in the eating. 

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