We love Sherpa, you should too!

We love Sherpa, you should too!

Sherpa products are designed with you in mind...

Active, outdoors people, engaged in physical activity and wanting the very best in comfort and performance.

Sherpa products are all designed to perform to your particular requirements, be it walking, running, cycling, kayaking, bushwalking, hiking, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, or just hanging out in the great Australian outdoors.

Comfort is extremely important to us.  Sherpa products are often worn for days on end in extreme conditions and they must remain comfortable without any decrease in performance.

Of course, great performance and comfort both come from good design. Sherpa use only the right fabrics applied in the best possible ways, so that our products provide long term all round quality.

Sherpa have a great range of baselayers, jackets, gloves, beanies, sleeping mats and pillows, and socks for all your camping and hiking adventures.

The great range also is great value for money, keeping the best gear affordable.

Why not try Sherpa for yourself.

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