Review of Jack Wolfskin Boot

Review of Jack Wolfskin Boot

In April this year I trekked the Larapinta Trail end to end. It was an awesome experience and …  my feet hurt every step of the way. Ouch!!! With another hiking trip planned for later in the year, I found myself yet again searching for boots.


Success!!! After 35 years of hiking in ill-fitting boots, I have found my first ever pair of boots designed especially for feet like mine. Thanks to the expertise of Andy at AdventureCo my very wide feet are loving hiking in my new boots…

Jack Wolfskin Altiplano Prime Texapore Mid W

At the time of writing this review, I have only worn the boots on one hike … a steep descent from Perry’s Lookdown to Blue Gum Forest and a then steep climb back up again to Lockley’s Pylon in the NSW Blue Mountains. From the moment I inserted my orthotics and started hiking, my feet felt really comfortable. So exciting! My boots needed no breaking in.

The front of the boot is deep and wide, which allows my toes to spread. This avoids the pain of squashed toes rubbing against each other and increases my balance when I’m walking over rocks and rough ground.

The lacing hooks allow me to lace the boot looser at the front and tighter around the heel and ankle where my foot is quite narrow.

The soft nubuck leather makes the boots lightweight and, after 6 hours on the track, I could have kept on walking for an hour or two longer.

The wide sole and its tread gave me good traction on the track and rocks. No slipping or sliding for me that day.

I’m setting out later this month to hike in the Swiss Alps. I’m looking forward to the magnificent scenery … and pain-free feet! Stay tuned for an update on my boots!

Denise Green

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