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Choosing the Best Sleeping Pad for the Outdoors, Part 1

A decent to good sleeping pad is one of the important camping essentials. It is necessary for outdoor activities that involve overnight sleeping. But you may be wondering what the best options are for you with all the different kinds of mats to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of their different features to help you with the right choice.

Choosing a Suitable Sleeping Pad

Is your sleeping pad going to be a part of your backpacking gear or for basic use only? Is it for hunting and fishing expeditions?

Your sleeping mat should help you sleep comfortably for the environment you’re staying in. It could be an overnight sleep in your car in a public parking lot after travel or moving. It could be a simple mountain hike stay in a cold camping location. Or maybe you’re on an overnight fishing trip on a boat or in a tent on a beach.

The main use of your sleeping pad or mat will dictate the type and the extent of its features. The material, overall size, body room, and temperature control should exactly meet your needs. Some sleeping mats have a full cover and extra layers for cold protection. Certain individuals may just need a bare sleeping mat with minimal padding for easy use or summer camp.

Different Types of Sleeping Mats

Most types of sleeping mats should be lightweight enough among your other camping accessories. There are some basic types you can buy that are lightweight but provide basic comfort and protection.

Most mats will follow the rectangular shape with or without extra layers or covers. Thicker, multi-layer mats with closable tops are also available as sleeping bags for utmost warmth. These types have lightweight cotton and nylon. Meanwhile, mummy-shaped sleeping bags are snug for cold weather use. Some of them can close up to the head to add covering in colder temperatures.

Closed-cell foam mats are some of the most lightweight mats for general-purpose sleeping. It may include minimal temp control with a layer of aluminium for added warmth. It is the thinnest basic outdoor gear of all making it very affordable. It may not be a perfect choice for colder atmospheres and grounds which are rocky and uneven.

Self-inflating mats offer extra cushion with a self-inflating system for easy operation. They are a better choice for warmth due to their thickness without needing extra insulation. These mats will be as thick as regular mats when deflated.

Insulated air mats offer both warmness and extra sleeping comfort due to the thicker layer without extraneous bulk. It can have a high R-value which means better insulation from the ground. Its added insulation from dense foam and extra layers provide better cold protection from the rest.

In Conclusion

If you’re buying a sleeping mat, make sure it fits your type of outdoor use and location. A certain location will demand different features to suit you. Remember that you’ll also be bringing this with your backpacking gear and accessories. The most lightweight model that allows you to sleep will be the guiding factor in its most basic.

Adventureco will help you with your choice of the right outdoor gear. Visit our site and get the right gear for you. Sometimes the difference between a bad night outside and a successful outdoor trip is a good night’s sleep with the right gear.

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