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Benefits of Merino Wool

There are many different things that make merino just awesome, but here is 6 reasons that make Merino Wool, cool!

Merino wool is a wonder fabric. Here's why:

  1. Odour Resistant 

There's nothing like getting outdoors au natural.  There's nothing worse than feeling like your followed, by the pong of your pits. Merino wool—especially the non-blended variety like Ottie use - will keep you smelling rosey. 

Woolmark describes if perfectly.

"Wool is a hygroscopic fibre, meaning it readily absorbs moisture—up to 35 per cent of its own weight—keeping the skin surface drier and discouraging bacterial growth."

During testing, the Ottie designers were getting 4-5 days of all day wear before any signs of stink. Ideal for those long multi-day hikes where you want to keep pack weight down and you're miles from a shower.  

  1. Moisture Wicking

Merino wool can hold a lot more moisture than its weight lets on. It wicks moisture by drawing it—yes, your sweat—away from your skin and then it evaporates.

You've just slogged it up that massive hill. Dropped your pack. And you and your cotton-wearing mate are standing there admiring the view. Give it five minutes and it's easy to guess who's wearing the merino based on the back patch. 

  1. Hard Wearing

Merino doesn't require washing after each use so it doesn't give in to the battering that your washing machine is likely to give it. Even if you do wash your merino often, it's a long lasting fabric. Just care for it properly. 

  1. Comfy AF

Long gone are the days when wool was this scratchy stuff your school jumper was made of. Merino wool is super-fine and super comfortable. 

There isn't really an occasion where you wouldn't want to throw on a merino tee—whether under the weight of your heavy 65L pack on the Overland Track, under your light daypack on your favourite day hike in the Blue Mountains with the kids, or with jeans and a beer at that backyard barbie.

  1. Good For Your Skin

Studies have shown that people with sensitive skin can benefit from natural fibres like merino. Reason being, unlike other fibres it's not an allergen. 

  1. Natural and Sustainable

Merino is the ultimate renewable resource. It's harvested year after year.

Merino wool is also biodegradable. Ottie t-shirts are made from 100% merino wool—it's not blended with synthetics like many products. Meaning, once it's given up the ghost it can be returned to nature. After a long, happy life the appropriate burial for your Ottie tee is to cut it up into tiny pieces and pop it in the compost.

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