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ThermaTech Padded Knee Compression Sleeve

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ThermaTech Padded Knee Compression Sleeve works by providing a fitted ergonomic design that offers uniform compression to promote blood circulation and reduce swelling with existing injuries and keeps muscles warm to prevent any further strain. The benefits for compression are wide ranging and are inclusive of injury prevention and treatment, making them popular amongst the sports community. Studies on the benefits of compression sleeves have shown an increase in oxygen uptake to the working muscles, a reduction in blood lactate levels and improved warm ups. This knee compression incorporates graded tightness to ease blood flow and moisture wicking properties to reduce sweat pooling and to keep the athlete warm. Featuring extra padding on top of the knee this support offers enhanced comfort and protection for activities where the knee is in constant contact with the ground. BEST FOR: Knee strain/sprain, weak knee.

Compression Sleeve Features

  • SpeedDri wicking technology
  • Therapeutic warmth and uniform compression to muscles and joints
  • Fitted ergonomic design for added stability without restricting circulation
  • Anti bacterial and odour resistant
  • Quick Dry