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TRSNOW Babes 17/18

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Bright paint smudges and divine combination of interesting colors! Each girl, sliding down on this board, will receive not only aesthetic pleasure, but will also enjoy ease in managing the board. And here comes the technique and the geometric features that were used to create this model: FLAT-CAMBER is the ideal choice for those who are going to the local hill, and tomorrow they fly to the mountains; small rigidity will appeal to those who sometimes make mistakes, but do not want to pay for them - because the soft board forgives them; and, finally, our favorite TWIN-TIP, which means that you have complete freedom of choice of direction!


  • Flat camber construction 
  • Form: True twin-tip (symmetrical noses) 
  • Core - lightweight, made of high-quality poplar 
  • Slip-on Sintered Base 
  • Hardness 3 out of 10 
  • SNOW PARK - 70% 
  • ALL MOUNTAIN - 30% 
  • Level - beginner / intermediate
 Board 145
 Rider Weight (Kg) 40-65
 Rider Height (cm) 155-160