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With cute multi-colour studs, the Ally is definitely our most popular design for younger girls.

Like all Supps shoes, the Ally has a natural leather footbed for lasting comfort and built in StrideSmart* support, designed by a podiatrist to support growing feet.


By the age of five, most children have developed arches in their feet so providing gentle support with shock-absorbing footbeds makes sense for both support and comfort.

Supps are the real deal. Unlike other brands that claim to support growing feet, every pair of Supps incorporates StrideSmart, our unique gentle support system that doesn't flatten with wear.

Thanks to StrideSmart, Supps may also be an ideal short-term alternative for girls who usually wear custom-made orthotics so they too can enjoy wearing fashionable shoes without pain!*

Wide feet?  Supps sandals fit most standard to wide feet.

Narrow feet?  Supps can tend to be loose on girls with very narrow feet, however, your local shoe repairer can easily tighten the front and/or ankle straps.

In every case, she'll love wearing her Supps and you'll know her growing feet are supported in shoes that meet expert recommendations for children's footwear.


Supps’ unique StrideSmart* system provides gentle support for growing feet.



All leather footbed allows feet to breath and stay dry for all day comfort.



“Supps are so comfortable I forget I’m wearing them!” Charlotte, 8