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Skin Strong Slik Dust


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PFTE, PE Wax, Tolnaftate, Basil Oil, Tea Tree Leaf Oil

SLIK DUST is a long lasting, moisture wicking powder that helps prevent hot spots and blisters

DUST contains Teflon to create a protective coating that won't break down or turn to paste!

The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of Tolnaftate and Tea-Tree oil help keep your feet strong and healthy - no more burning athletes foot or smelly feet!

Easy and fast to use - simply squeeze into your socks and shake for even distribution, or squeeze directly into your cycling, running or casual shoes.

Please Note

  • DUST is not a talc or cornstarch base powder, instead of  sprinkling or shaking, you squeeze to apply DUST evenly
  • Teflon can sometimes coat the holes in the bottle like it coats your feet.  Simply tap the bottle on a counter a couple of times to clear the holes
  • Since DUST will not break down, your feet will have a powdery coating even after a long work-out.  It is a good idea to keep a towel by your door to clean your feet before walking on your floors!