Skin Strong Slather Jar
Skin Strong

Skin Strong Slather Jar

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Unbeatable protection against chafing, saddle sores and skin irritations.

Gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.

Tea-tree oil harnesses anti-fungal properties and menthol cools and soothes the skin.

Skin Strong SLATHER is a rich, thick chamois cream that can handle your toughest workout, yet is gentle even on sensitive skin.  It can also be used to soothe tired skin and also on chafed skin if you forgot to Slather first!

CYCLISTS: Apply Slather to your saddle area or directly to your bike shorts to help prevent saddle sores and chafe

RUNNERS: Slather between your toes and on your feet to prevent blisters and hotspots

SWIMMERS: Slather under your wetsuit, around your neck or anywhere that rubs to prevent that painful chafe shower after your session!