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Sherpa Kenji Beanie

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Sherpa Kenji Beanie is a simple beanie design packed with technical benefits for warmth and comfort in the outdoors. Its horizontal lined pattern mimics the colours of nature, immersing explorers into their surroundings and is perfect for hunters or those wanting to merge into their natural surroundings. The beanie features an acrylic outer offering durable protection and coverage. Acrylic headwear keeps its shape, holds its colour, is resistant to stains & wrinkles and is extremely easy care. The beanie is lined with a soft fleece finishing providing enhanced warmth and comfort against the head. With few seams and no external features this beanie is ideal for under ski or snowboarding helmets.

Beanie Features:

  • Acrylic outer shell
  • Fleece inner lining
  • Khaki/white/green stripes
  • Easy care
  • Camouflage