Adventureco Mcnett Revivex Wool Cleaner Concentrate Gear Aid

Mcnett Revivex Wool Cleaner Concentrate


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Mcnett Revivex Wool Cleaner Concentrate uses natural ingredients to carefully clean wool garments. Unlike other soaps, ReviveX Professional Grade Wool Cleaner cleans without causing wool garments to yellow and is pH balanced to minimize felting.

Preserves the natural oils in wool and contains no harsh detergents, fragrances or optical brighteners.

TRUE OR FALSE? Household detergents can make wool garments itchy? True.

Washing wool garments in household detergents can alter the fibers to make the garments itchy as well as yellowing colors and promoting pilling. Backpacking Light founder and research scientist Ryan Jordan describes it this way; You can see how household detergents damage surface fibers of wool under a scanning electron microscope. It's like the difference between Lance Armstrong's shaven legs and Grizzly Adams' face? To maintain merino wool's excellent softness, performance and appearance use ReviveX Wool Cleaner Concentrate.

Directions: Follow manufacturer's instructions.