2x Eden Health Foods Ultimate ORGANIC Brown Rice Protein Powder 1kg CHOCOLATE
2x Eden Health Foods Ultimate ORGANIC Brown Rice Protein Powder 1kg CHOCOLATE
2x Eden Health Foods Ultimate ORGANIC Brown Rice Protein Powder 1kg CHOCOLATE
2x Eden Health Foods Ultimate ORGANIC Brown Rice Protein Powder 1kg CHOCOLATE

2x Eden Health Foods Ultimate ORGANIC Brown Rice Protein Powder 1kg CHOCOLATE


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Includes: 2 x 1kg Protein Powder Bags (Total 2kg)


Premium Grade Bio-fermented Raw Sprouted Wholegrain Brown Rice Protein*, Alkalised and Fermented Cocoa*, Non-GMO Apple Pectin, Stevia*

*Certified Organic


Ultimate Protein not only uses certified organic brown rice but is one of the only protein powders on the market today to use certified organic stevia. Stevia that is not organic use chemicals in there processing. We also use certified organic cocoa (not a "natural chocolate" flavour extract) taking no short-cuts whatsoever.





Eden Healthfoods Ultimate Protein uses a traditional bio-fermentation process of sprouting certified organic brown rice protein and adding enzymes which break down the carbohydrate component, producing the Ultimate raw protein supplement, which is high in protein (80%), alkalising and easy to digest.

This unique formula re-innovates the way we perceive protein supplementation, by bringing things back to basics – the way nature intended. By using premium organic whole food ingredients, we’ve created one of the world's cleanest, healthiest and best-tasting plant-based proteins to suit all your protein supplement needs.

Perfect Amino Acid Profile – considered a complete protein with a balanced amino acid profile - it has a 96% correlation with whey (without the toxic overload)

98.2% Assimilation – almost all of the protein is absorbed and utilised by your body with little going to waste

80% Digestible Protein – one of the highest protein percentages of any raw vegan protein powder on the market

Raw – highly digestible protein content is intact and not denatured or destroyed in any way

Ultra-fine Micronised Powder – gives a non-gritty, smooth creamy texture (naturally) without the use of multiple processed thickening gums which can irritate. Allows for easy mix-ability and delicious taste

Certified Organic Ingredients – no chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or nasties. No artificial flavours, colours, preservatives and definitely non-GMO (or GMO derived)

Sprouted & Bio-fermented – increased bioavailability, digestibility and produces a perfectly balanced amino acid profile through a bio-fermentation process

Safe for the Whole Family – organic whole food ingredients makes this whole food supplement safe for the whole family to use

Gluten Free – but jam packed full of a wide variety of easily absorbed vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients and trace elements

Allergen Free – extremely gently on your digestive system, which means you won't experience any bloating

Low Fat – mixes easily with a full creamy consistency but ultra low in fat

Alkalised and Fermented Cocoa– provides additional nutritional benefits like magnesium, antioxidants and other minerals necessary for optimum recovery.


What else makes sprouted and bio-fermented brown rice protein so good?:


Contains fibre allowing the protein to move through your colon

Rapid absorption of leucine (compared to WPI) which slows the degradation of muscle tissue

Contains more arginine than any other protein available (x4 than whey) which enhances blood flow to your muscles for better delivery of nutrients - means bigger workouts and better recovery

Rich in glutamine to enhance protein synthesis and boost growth hormone levels

Vegan and alkalising forming



We carefully select and research every ingredient that we use in Ultimate Protein, from beginning to end, to ensure that we’re creating the best product possible.

Unique organic ultra-fine micronised protein powder (1000 mesh), containing the most nutritious components and gives a non-gritty texture, naturally

simple ingredient list ensures integrity of all ingredients and keeps things clean and nutrient-dense

Whole food supplements are better understood by the body and therefore get used more readily, without causing stress or creating long term imbalances

Natural processing methods using a natural enzyme, eliminates the use of chemicals, acid hydrolysis or hexane extraction