Lewis N. Clark Electrolight Packing Cubes 2pcs
Lewis N. Clark Electrolight Packing Cubes 2pcs

Lewis N. Clark Electrolight Packing Cubes 2pcs

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Save space and stay organized on your next trip with these easy-to-use expandable packing cubes. This set includes a medium and large size to accommodate a wide variety of items, from small camping and backpacking gear to travel accessories and workout clothes.

Featuring the ability to both expand and compress, these packing cubes also feature see-through mesh panels that allow the contents to breathe.

Additionally, they keep your personal items from shifting around during transport so you can still find everything once you reach your destination.

The bright colors allow you to easily locate the packing cubes in your suitcase, and they can be used to separate your belongings into particular categories (i.e. undergarments, tops, bottoms, etc.).

Keep all of your belongings organized with ElectroLight, whether you're going on a weekend getaway or backpacking across continents.

Ultra-lightweight packing organization
Durable silnylon fabric is water- and stain-resistant
Extra 3in compartment provides expansion and compression
Mesh panels for visibility and breathability
Grab handle to carry belongings easily
Helps to minimize wrinkles
Great for undergarments, t-shirts, gym clothes, pants, socks, sweaters, and more
2-Pack includes medium and large sizes
Medium: 8.5in x 11in x 2in - 5in (expanded)
Large: 12in x 14.5in x 2in - 5in (expanded)